Have you ever wanted to learn Arabic? Have you tried lessons at a local school, expensive software and books and still have trouble speaking Arabic? Do you want to be able to speak to millions of people in the Middle East and in Northern Africa in their native language? The answer is total Arabic immersion with the Live Lingua online Arabic school. Skype Arabic Lessons & more. We do an annual quality survey of our students, and have gotten an average review of 4.6/5 stars from the 42 students who responded. And best of all, you can try a full 60 minute Skype lessons with a professional Arabic teacher for FREE!

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Free 60 Minute Trial Arabic Lesson With Skype

Are you considering Live Lingua online language school for your Arabic learning needs? Do you want to try a class first to see if it is what you are looking for? No problem! We will arrange a free 60 minute Skype Arabic lesson for you so you can try us risk free. Tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more...

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Learn More Arabic But Pay Less money.

$19.99! How do we do it? We hire Arabic tutors who actually live in their own country where the cost of living is less, and pass the saving on to you. You can buy as many or as few Skype Arabic lessons as you would like. No minimum purchase necessary, all for an affordable price. Find out more...

Native Arabic Speakers

Native Arabic Speaking Teachers

Our Arabic teachers from the Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the best in the industry. They all bring with them years of teaching experience. All have university degrees, many have Masters and PhD's. Additionally, they are required to speak a second language in addition to Arabic. Find out more...

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Finally! A way to really learn Arabic online.

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You can try a free 60 minute Skype lesson at the Live Lingua online language school to see if our service is what you are looking for. No credit card required, and no commitment. The only risk is learning another language!

Costs of Arabic Lessons

Why Learn Arabic?

Where is Arabic Spoken?

The Arabic Language

Arabic is the official spoken language of 26 countries in the world and spoken by residents in dozens more across the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is currently estimated that approximately 460 million (2012) people in the world speak Arabic. Arabic has many variations across different countries but the most widely spoken one is Modern Standard Arabic.

Historically, Arabic is the only surviving dialect of the Old Northern Arabian language family and can trace is roots back to the 4th century. Additionally, there are many modern languages that have strong roots in Arabic such as Turkish, Bengali, Urdu and Malay just to name a few.

While the Arabic speaking portion of the world has had many difficulties in recent history it continues to be a center of business, and commerce which makes the learning of the Arabic language an important tool to anybody who has connections to that part of the world.

Try A Free Skype Arabic Lesson

Want Some Free Arabic Learning Resources too?

There is no better way to learn a Arabic than take classes with a native speaking teacher over Skype. That being said we realize that not everybody has the budget to be able to pay for a professional Skype Arabic tutor. To make the Arabic language accessible to everybody Live Lingua Arabic is proud to bring you these free Arabic courses with audios.

Jordanian Arabic Course (ebook+audios)

If you want to get a quick crash course in the Arabic spoken in the Kingdom of Jordan this course is for you. The free ebook and audios will teach you the basics of Jordanian Arabic.

Saudi Arabian Arabic Course (ebook+audios)

Saudi Arabian Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken dialects of Arabic. This intensive ebook and audio course will use the "guided immitation" methods.

Moroccan Arabic Course (ebook+audios)

If you are looking to learn the dialect of Arabic spoken in Morocco then this Moroccan Arabic Primer is for you. Using the ebook and audios to learn what you need.

Levantine Arabic Course (ebook+audios)

Going to the region of Western Mediterranean and want to speak the Levantine Arabic dialect they speak in that region? Then this course if for you.

Learn About The language and culture or Arabic Speakers

Arabic is one of the oldest surviving languages in the world today. It is used in over a dozen countries around the world and its different dialects make it even more difficult to learn. Here at Live Lingua Arabic we understand that there is more to learning Arabic than learning the script and spoken words. You also need to understand the culture and history of the people that speak it. These free articles can help you get started. If you have any questions about what you read, just ask your Skype Arabic teacher during your next class.

East vs. West: When Concepts Of Time and Culture Collide

I remember the first Filipino party that I ever attended. The host told us to be there at 5:30pm and so my husband and I (very naively) arrived at 5:25pm, on-time yet a little early. From the moment we stepped inside we were greeted with absolute chaos! Tita Fay still had her hair in curlers; the smell of fried lumpia filled the house as her Lola was busy trying to set up the buffet. Childr...

Bored with your language learning? Change it up!

Learning a new language is a little bit like a relationship. In the beginning there is an incredible amount of excitement as you are "in love" with the idea of learning this language. Then you hit the nuances of the language and this is the dating phase. You see both the beauty and the annoyances of the language. Eventually, at some point in the process, you will leave the "honeymoon" stage...

What is a “professional” oral translator?

It can be quite easy to suggest that someone who is proficient at languages should be a professional translator. Oftentimes what people are really talking about is becoming involved in translation work. When you add the word “professional” it adds a much higher level to the game. For those wishing to become a professional translator, it is definitely an attainable goal. However, it i...

Arabic. Hardest Language To Learn?

For many foreign language learners figuring out which language in the world is the hardest to learn is easy: the one you are currently studying! If we seek more of an objective answer, though, most experts will list Arabic as one of the hardest languages in the world to learn, if not the most difficult. Why is Arabic so difficult? First, most of the consonants are formed using the bac...

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/// Skype ARABIC Student Testimonials

Find out what our Arabic students have said about their learning experiences at Live Lingua.

Arabic Student Testimonials

  • It is very hard to find a native Arabic speaking teacher in my area, but I needed to learn it for a new job that would move me to north Africa. Live Lingua Arabic was a godsend for me.

    John D.
  • [My Arabic tutor] is a exceptional. She is very attentive and not only is teaching me about the Arabic language but also the cultural norms.

    Emmanuel M.
  • My husband is from Saudi Arabia and his mom did not speak English or German, that is why I started with Live Lingua. My in-law was very impressed with my level this last time we visited.

    Ira P.
  • Most of my clients speak Arabic, and I was no comfortable when they called me on the phone. Now I can speak with them without any problem, and my boss is very happy with the results.

    Oksana P. - Travel Agent
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