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The FSI (Foreign Service Institute) language courses are arguably the best free language courses available anywhere. The FSI language courses cover over 40 languages from the most spoken in the world to some less well known ones. Some of the language learning material is a bit dated, but it is still possible for someone to learn a huge amount from this material This material is public domain, that means we have put it up at no costs, and with no commercials. Feel free to use and download the PDF files and audios on this page however you would like. All of these files are the original, and some of them are a bit old (over 30 years) so some of the information in them may be a bit out of date, but they are still the best free language courses you can find anywhere.

Disclaimer: Live Lingua language school is not affiliated with the U.S. Foreign Service Institute in any way.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for more free language material. Check out the U.S. Peace Corps Language Archive. Like The FSI courses, this material is public domain.

Free FSI Language Courses. Choose the one that interest you.

FSI Language Course Updates

February 13st, 2014

Just noticed today that this FSI language archive did not have the Portuguese material shared. The problem was remedied today and they are now up. Enjoy.

May 1st, 2013

We have stated uploading and adding some public domain Peace Corps language courses and cultural guides to the site as well. Feel free to check them out. They should be done my the end of May, 2013.

April 15th, 2013

We have heard that the original FSI course website has been put back online, but we will continue to host the Foreign Service Course material here at Live Lingua so that there can be a backup in case the original site goes down again.

April 3rd, 2013

We noticed that the original FSI language course website was down. We worked all week to get the free public domain language courses back online so people who were using them could continue to do so. We also updated the look and feel of the pages so that people could use them more easily on mobile devices while using our page.

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