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Live Lingua Staff

Live Lingua has the best academic and administrative staff in the field of online language schools. Our staff members have graduated from the top universities from around the world including Harvard, Case Western Reserve University & Monterrey Tech. They are all at least bilingual (many of them speak 3, 4 or even 5 languages), and have experience working and living in over 5 different continents. All have experience in learning a language through total immersion. Each of our staff members are dedicated to make your language learning experience exactly what you are looking for.
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Raymond Blakney - Administrative Director

Our administrative director has lived and worked in 4 continents. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in the U.S. and his work experience had included work for Fortune 500 companies, start-up businesses, governments and NGO's. He brings his vast experience to bear on managing the administrative aspects of the Live Lingua online language school.

Rick Charles - Product Manager

Our product manager has lived and worked in 4 continents. He has an undergraduate degree from Hyram University and a Masters degree from Harvard University. He has over 30 years of experience as an editor and director of companies. He is in charge of the quality of all the products that Live Lingua publishes.

Miles Cielo - Junior Class Coordinator

Our junior class coordinator has worked as a customer service representative and executive assistant for businesses in the U.S. and Asia. He is responsible for assisting the Lead Class Coordinator in all of their duties and take over for them when they are unavailable to assist.

Dal Reich - Product Development

Our product development manager has worked with companies and small businesses in the U.S. and around Asia. She works with both the academic director and the product manager to come up with new and innovative language learning products to make the learning experience at Live Lingua a full immersion for all of our students.

Laura Ramirez - Academic Director

Our administrative director has worked as a teacher and administrator in universities and schools in the U.S. and Latin America. She has an undergraduate degree in language education and a Masters in Educational Technology from Monterrey Tech. She coordinates overseas all teachers and checks of all academic material at our schools material before release to the online language school.

Bersy Rivas - Lead Class Coordinator

The lead class coordinator has worked in the customer service area in both Fortune 50 companies as well as small business. She is responsible for all aspects of the customer service. She handles the class coordination of the classes as reporting and supervises the junior class coordinator who assists her.

John London - Human Resources

Our human resources manager has worked in the field in both the business and academic area for over 15 years. He is in charge of all hiring and staff related issues at the Live Lingua online language school. He screens all language teachers who apply at Live Lingua before passing on candidates to the academic director.

Evelyn Canete - Technical Support

Our programmer/technical support staff has over 5 years of experience as a programmer and technical support staff member. She works under the product development manager and is responsible for maintaining and programming the digital products on the website. She also manages all the student accounts and is ready to assist in there are problems.

Frida - Mascot/Workplace Entertainment Director/Dog-ish Language Instructor

Live Lingua Mascot

Live Lingua offices are an animal friendly work environment. Frida was found on the street sick at 3 months of age just a few blocks from the offices and adopted by Live Lingua. After a difficult battle she won against parvo virus she took her place as a full time staff member of Live Lingua. She is one of the hardest workers in the Live Lingua staff. Her responsibilities include greeting all visitors to the office, cleaning any pieces of food that may have "accidently" fallen off of the staff's desks and making sure the couches in the staff rec room are kept warm.

In her free time, Frida likes to chase the dirtiest tennis ball and frisbee that she can find. She also can be seen regularly playing with local children both in the parks and at charity functions where she keeps kids with disabilities company. When not hard at "work" she can also be found sleeping with the remains of her favorite toy, Mr. Rope.

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/// Skype Student Testimonials

Find out what our language students have said about their learning experiences at Live Lingua.

Student Testimonials

  • We had enrolled in [Live Lingua] in 2009 and have been taking classes with them both online and at their school every summer since. The quality of their teachers and staff is the best we have found anywhere.

    Nicholes Family
  • Great teachers. I tried three other simular services before finding Live Lingua. That was 2 years ago and I am still taking class with them.

    Chris B. - Computer Engineer
  • My company paid for these French lessons as we are expanding into different French markets. Since then many other staff members have signed on, we are all very happy with Live Lingua.

    Evalyn E. - Sales Director
  • Most of my clients speak English, and I was no comfortable when they called me on the phone. Now I can speak with them without any problem, and my boss is very happy with the results.

    Oksana P. - Travel Agent
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