What Is New in Twiducate 2.0?

Totally Redesigned

In order to provide teachers and students with an even better tool, we have redesigned Twiducate from the ground up. Same great features with cutting edge technology.

Even more secure

With the new system both usernames and passwords have stronger encryption, and each student has an new unique (and anonymous) username they can log in with.

Split classes into teams

Now you can add one student to multiple classes and teams! You can take student from your main class and break them into smaller teams for projects and activities.

Mobile Friendly

The new version of Twiducate now looks great no matter what device you are using. You and your students can now use Twiducate whenever you need whether at home, at the school or around town.

Request Upgrade

Just enter your username or email along with your password below and it will send the request for the upgrade.

The process may take up to 2-3 business days and we will email you directly once it is completed. You can continue to use your current Twiducate account until the upgrade is done.