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The Live Lingua Project is part of our commitment to helping as many people as possible learn a foreign language, even if they can't afford our paid Skype language lessons. Part of the earnings of Live Lingua go to hosting, maintaining and constantly updating this area. This project is the internet's largest collection of free public domain language learning materials. It hosts thousands of free ebooks, audios and videos for over 130 languages from around the world. One of our missions is to make language learning accessible to everybody. Enjoy.

  • PC Language Archive

    The Peace Corps is an organization that was founded over 50 years ago. Its mission is to send volunteers to countries around the world to assist in a variety of capacities in the poorest communities. The Peace Corps Language Archive contains materials for over 100 languages ranging from widely spoken languages like French, Spanish and Chinese to relatively little known languages like Ibatan, Kwanyama and Sarahule.

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  • FSI Language Archive

    FSI language courses were created by the U.S. State Department for use by its diplomats whom it sends throughout the world. These are some of the most detailed and comprehensive language courses available anywhere. Most have both ebooks and audios that take you from beginner to advanced levels. Despite being over thirty years old, these FSI courses remain among the best foreign language courses in the world.

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  • DLI Language Archive

    DLI language courses are tailored to the unique needs of military and law enforcement personnel at work around the world. These language courses, which cover dozens of languages, are a unique and comprehensive resource for those working as or interacting with security personnel in different parts of the world. Despite their job related focus, these courses remain broadly useful as supplemental language learning tools.

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At Live Lingua we currently offer Skype language lessons in the eleven most widely spoken languages in the world. If there is a language we do not offer via Skype that you are interested in, just let us know by contacting us and we can find a high qualified professional teacher for you.

English Lesson Logo


Good day. English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is used for travel, business or pleasure.

English Lessons

Spanish Lesson Logo


Buenos días. Spanish, which is spoken in 22 countries, is one of the most spoken languages on the planet.

Spanish Lessons

French Lesson Logo


Bonjour. French is the language of romance & literature. It is one of the world's most influential languages.

French Lessons

German Lesson Logo


Guten Tag. German, key to both travel and business, is the most widely spoken language in the European Union.

German Lessons

Portuguese Lesson Logo


Olá. Portuguese is a romance language and spoken in 10 countries located across the globe.

Portuguese Lessons

Italian Lesson Logo


Salve. Learning Italian will allow you to order food in Rome and converse with locals in Venice in their native language.

Italian Lessons

Russian Lesson Logo


здравствуйте! Russia and the Russian language have played major roles in shaping world history and culture.

Russian Lessons

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هتاف للترحيب. Arabic is an ancient language spoken all over the Middle East as well as in most of Northern Africa.

Arabic Lessons

Mandarin Chinese Lesson Logo


Ni hao! China is one of the world's superpowers, both financially and culturally. Now is the time to learn Chinese.

Chinese Lessons

Japanese Lesson Logo


Konnichiwa. Japanese is the language of business, samurai and one of the most unique cultures in the world.

Japanese Lessons

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안녕하세요. Korea is a growing world economic power. Learning Korean is becoming more important every day.

Korean Lessons
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