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The Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is the most well-known global standard for evaluation of students' Arabic language proficiency. Developed by leading Arabic language experts in 2002 the ALPT test is fully adaptive and allows for the effective evaluation of participants of all levels. The test is made up of 5 sections covering listening, reading, writing, speaking and grammar. So how do you know if you are ready? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide.

  • Are you confident in your current Arabic vocabulary level?
  • Do you have a good understanding of Arabic grammar rules?
  • Is your spoken Arabic at a high enough level?
  • Do you understand the structure of the ALPT exam?
  • Can you confidently listen and understand spoken Arabic?

If you answered 'no' to any of those questions, you may want to speak with one of Live Lingua's ALPT tutors. The first trial ALPT class is absolutely free. You can speak with the tutor to see if they think you are ready for the ALPT test and they can propose a study plan for you. No credit card required, and no commitment.

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The ALPT exam is taken on a computer in the presence of a registered instructor with the speaking section being undertaken via Skype. The test varies in length depending on how many questions it takes to accurately gauge your proficiency. It starts with easy questions and gradually increases in complexity. The higher the student's level, the longer the test. If you take the ALPT exam, it will comprise of the following sections.




38 questions
60 minutes maximum


90 questions
60 minutes maximum


113 questions
60 minutes maximum


1 topic
60 minutes maximum


Via Skype
15 - 50 minutes

Do you have any questions about the ALPT exam? You can speak to one of our ALPT tutors for free to ask any question you may have. They will speak with you and evaluate how prepared you are.

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