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Why are we so confident that you will like your Arabic learning experience at Live Lingua Arabic? This is because we have already worked with hundreds of Arabic students from around the world. They have had different Arabic levels and professional backgrounds. And with them we have had hundreds of happy students. Would you like to be one of them? You can try us risk free.

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"Salam. My situation is probably bit different from most of the [Arabic Language] students. My parents are from Oman and both spoke Arabic to us as I grew up, but I regret resisting it and never learned it properly. Now I am working on my masters in foreign policy and really want to remember more than learn the Arabic that is in me somewhere. [My Arabic tutor] has been instrumental in this, and I look forward to working with him for a while to come." Affif K. - Grad Student
"Salam. My company regularly sent me to the Middle-East and Northern Africa and I always felt unconfortable depending on my translator for everything. I could never keep up with any classes since I spend 6-8 month a year traveling. [Live Lingua Arabic] has been a godsend. I would recommend Live Lingua to anybody who is in my situation, or somebody who simply wants to learn Arabic from great native speaking teachers." Jimmie M. - Director of CC
"Short of going to an Arabic speaking country and living there Live Lingua is the best method I have found to learn Arabic. Don't waste your time with the software like Rosetta Stone, and start taking live classes with a teacher." Shahana M. - Aid Worker
"Live Lingua is the best way to learn Arabic or any language! Great tutors, great staff, I love it. I have told all my friends about you and some of them are already signed up. You have a student for life." Divine L. - Student
"It is very hard to find a native Arabic speaking teacher in my area, but I needed to learn it for a new job that would move me to north Africa. Live Lingua Arabic was a godsend for me." John D. - Natural Resources
"I work with a lot of clients and co-workers in the Middle East and have always wanted to be able to speak Arabic with them. Live Lingua has helped make that dream a reality." Jeremy S. - Head of Sales
"I am a Arabic teacher in the U.S. but I was not able to practice my Arabic with a native speaker, Live Lingua was the answer to my prayers, and it is very affordable!" Fani R. - Social Worker
"[My Arabic tutor] is a exceptional. She is very attentive and not only is teaching me about the Arabic language but also the cultural norms." Emmanuel M. - Sales Manager