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Jaouad's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
16 Years
Jaouad has been teaching Arabic as a second language since 2004.
Languages Spoken
3 Languages
In addition to being a native Arabic speaker they also speak: English (Advanced), French (Advanced)
1 Countries
He is an avid world traveler. He has visited or lived in the following countries: France, USA


Jaouad is a certified NATIVE teacher of Arabic from Morocco with 14 years experience (online/offline). He teaches Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, and the Quran to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. He has taught hundreds of learners over the world (children, adolescents, and adults).

For certificates, he has two TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) certificates; one from Cairo, Egypt and the other from Morocco. Also, he has a certificate of completion of the TEA program (Teaching Excellence and Achievement) program from California State University. In addition to this, he holds a Masters' degree in Applied Language Studies. Beside teaching, he has conducted much research about language assessment and pedagogy.

For his teaching approach, he adapts his teaching methods and materials to fit the needs of every individual learner. He focuses on communication and speaking more than any other skill.

During his various field experiences, he has provided individual, small group, and whole-class instruction. He values individuality and strives to meet the needs of each student. To accomplish this, he uses a variety of hands-on activities and different teaching strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles. He works with students in a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment.

For his online tutoring, he has an excellent internet connection, a HD webcam and a professional headset.
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His Current Time Zone is:
(GMT) Europe/London

He Can Teach These Specialized Courses:

He Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Children, Adolescents, College, Adults, Seniors

For my teaching approach, I adapt my teaching methods and materials to fit the needs of every individual learner. I focus on communication and speaking more than any other skill. I teach Grammar through dialogues and conversations.
4 skills are targeted: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

I use different teaching tools to make my lessons enjoyable and exciting. For my teaching, I rely on students’ needs and goals. I also aim at making my students more confident to use the four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. I also focus on conversations and on daily life language. I also help students with Arabic for tourism, business and exams.

I will provide you with worksheets, audio and video files, pdf and word documents, and powerpoint materials. I use Google Docs to share and work on documents. I also provide a transcription of Arabic and translation!
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Jaouad has a TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) from a Moroccan university and a TESOL certificate from California State University. Furthermore, he holds a Masters' in Applied Language Studies. In addition to teaching, he has conducted much research on language assessment and pedagogy.

Learning languages
Playing sport
Hanging out
Reading books

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