how to write essays in spanish

How to Make a Training Video in the Office or at Home – A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes people want to learn something for fun or master that one specific skill in their career so they do not go get a degree but rather search for training.  In the past decade, there were way too many training videos but many of them were either boring or did not contain the needed information. […] Read more

how to write essays in spanish

Basic Guidelines For Writing Essays in Spanish

  Students tend to focus on speaking practice while learning Spanish, so they often neglect writing. However, most educators emphasize its importance for mastering the language. They say it’s impossible to become fluent in a particular language if one doesn’t train writing skills.    Therefore, teachers give a lot of essay assignments to students. This […] Read more

international women's day in mexico

Mexicanas que han hecho historia

El Día Internacional de la Mujer se celebra el 8 de marzo en todo el mundo. Marca una ocasión para reflexionar sobre la lucha por la igualdad de derechos y la equidad de género, celebrar los avances alcanzados en diversos campos y honrar a aquellas figuras femeninas que han jugado un papel clave en la […] Read more

21 Best Brain & Memory Boosting Foods to Fight Memory Loss

The best brain food gives a lot of health benefits to help strengthen the brain and boost memory. With the help of them, your brain will always work in good condition. Below are our 21 best foods that fight memory loss.  21 Best Foods For Memory Boosting Fatty Fishes Fatty fishes are our first recommended […] Read more

valentine's day traditions in spanish

Los Festejos de San Valentín Valentine’s Celebrations

Introducción El Día de San Valentín es una festividad probablemente de origen cristiano que se celebra cada 14 de febrero en honor al amor y la amistad. Introduction Valentine’s Day is a holiday probably of Christian origin that is celebrated every February 14 in honor of love and friendship. Desde hace mucho tiempo atrás el […] Read more

flash cards for language learning

How to Use Flashcards to Learn New Words

  In your language learning journey, all learning tools should be welcome. The more you diversify your language learning methods, the more fun and engaging the learning will be. One of the learning tools that are great for improving your vocabulary is flashcards. Flashcards are small note cards used for testing your knowledge and memorizing […] Read more

candlemas atole

Celebraciones del Día de la Candelaria

  Introducción El Día de la Candelaria es una festividad popular de origen católico celebrada en varias naciones de habla hispana. Surge de la mezcla de costumbres de pueblos indígenas y de las creencias religiosas llevadas a América Latina por los españoles. En México las personas se reúnen para comer tamales y las familias religiosas […] Read more

How To Avoid Zoom Burnout

  Your demo and disco calls are facing plenty more competition this year.  Social distancing has forced work and face-to-face meetings to move online.  Although 98% of respondents say that video conferencing can create a good relationship inside and outside the company, it seems that we are in front of the camera all day. That […] Read more

Travel Burnout: How to Make Every Country Feel Comfortable (Without Spending a Lot)

Our best memories of everyday life are normally connected to something pleasant like a cup of delicious coffee in the company of close friends, a picturesque sunset viewed on the way home from work, or the taste of pizza made by yourself. We mostly skip or ignore something unpleasant and frustrating. No one likes to […] Read more

Advantages of language learning

Si aprender otro idioma es tu propósito del 2021 ¡podemos ayudarte! Descubre las ventajas de adquirir una segunda lengua y aplica nuestros consejos de acuerdo con tu edad. If your resolution for 2021 is developing your language skills, we can help! Discover the advantages of learning a second language and follow our tips according to […] Read more

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