Will Learning Spanish Help Your Career? If You’re in Sales, the Answer is ‘Yes’

Adding a second language to your list of job skills can provide many benefits and open the door to a world of new opportunities that simply do not exist for the monoglots among us. Language skills can be of great benefit across many areas of life, from social connections to making traveling a more profound […]

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What’s Up With Spanish Accent Marks?

Those learning Spanish will undoubtedly run into the varying Spanish accents used in different regions and parts of the world — particularly if you travel to Spanish-speaking countries. And then there’s the always confusing written language, with its accent marks and idiosyncrasies that can make it confusing for English speakers. This guide runs down confusion […]

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Numbers In English: Counting To 1000

Here is your ultimate guide on how to count to 1000 in English. It’s actually quite simple — once you have the formula down for 1-10, apply it across the board. Learning Spanish? Here’s our guide to numbers in Spanish. Number 100 in English (and Number 10 in English) “100” is pronounced ONE HUNDRED in […]

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Why Offering Employee Language Training is Good for Business

We all know that businesses thrive on identifying and maximizing the potential of opportunities that develop in the marketplace. And nowadays, thanks to technological advances and international trade agreements, the opportunities available to forward-thinking companies have no boundaries. The whole world can be, and increasingly is, the target marketplace of a business. Of course, with […]

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Spanish Imperative

The Imperative and the Spanish Verb Moods Along with the indicative and the subjunctive, the imperative Spanish mood is one of the three Spanish verbal modes. These are the diverse forms in which the action of the verb can be expressed. Therefore, each verb conjugation changes depending on the mood. The verb mood manifests the […]

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Top Language Learning Podcasts and Apps for 2019

Plus, other really great ideas to kickstart your language learning Podcasts and apps are all the rage these days. No matter what you’re into, odds are there’s at least one good podcast about it. For language learners, there are a number of different podcasts, apps, and more tools that tackle mastering a new language from […]

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Romantic Spanish Phrases

Although love has its unique universal language, if you are trying to conquest someone’s heart with a passionate Spanish spark, you may want to try out the following Castilian romantic phrases from around the world. Basic Pick-up Lines in Spanish These basic Spanish phrases will help you to greet people, break the ice, and start […]

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Telling Time In Spanish

¡En horabuena! Spanish language learners will find that telling time in Spanish is quite simple when it is broken down into small bites as it is done in this article. You will, of course, have to memorize some basic numbers in Spanish, but don’t worry — you will find the list for the entire sixty […]

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Countries Where You Can Speak Spanish (That Aren’t Native Spanish-Speaking)

Apart from Portugal, Spain, and Hispanic American countries, there are other nations where Spanish is used by the majority of the population even though it isn’t the official language. Here we present you three options for your future travels. (For a list of native Spanish-speaking countries and a map of where they’re located, check out […]

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Spanish Speaking Countries Around The World

Spanish Speaking Countries around the World Spoken by 400 million people worldwide, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world — in fact it is the second most spoken language coming in runner up to Chinese (Mandarin). But where Spanish really packs a punch is on the number of Spanish speaking […]

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