Holiday Gifts for Teachers 2020

Twiducate Presents: The Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers 2018 As classrooms become more digitized, proper tech gear is increasingly important for teachers. What you need varies depending on your subject matter — but a few staples like a good laptop or microphone are common necessities. Whether you’re new to teaching or have been in the […] Read more

present perfect tense in english

Present Perfect Tense in English

  The present perfect tense in English is built around ‘have’ and ‘has,’ in addition to a past participle. Essentially, present perfect tense refers to describing an action that was done in the past, simply. Here are a few examples: ‘I have eaten at Chile’s.’  ‘have eaten’ is what makes this present perfect tense. I am not […] Read more

How to Become a Certified Translator in 2020

As technology advances and globalization captures almost all the workforce fields, trustworthy translation services are in great demand more than ever before. However, there is more than just knowing the foreign language well because being a certified translator involves several specific skills in addition to an academic degree in translation, linguistics or similar university course. […] Read more

languages of spain

Exploring the Languages of Spain

If we asked you to name which languages were spoken in Spain, we know what your first guess would be. Spanish, right? And you’d be perfectly correct: it’s the nation’s official language and 99% of Spaniards speak it. But on the streets of regional Spain, you’ll hear more than just Spanish. Did you know that […] Read more

language exchange partner

How To Find A Language Exchange Partner

When you’re trying to learn a new language, mumbling mixed phrases to yourself on the metro isn’t the way to go.   This is true whether you’re learning English, Spanish, French, Russian, or any other language. The goal is to speak clearly, and for that, you need to speak with native speakers. Practicing with yourself will […] Read more

best way to learn russian

The Best Way To Learn Russian

Learning Russian is like picking up a new habit. You’re not quite sure how to go about it, you’re nervous, and intimidated that it won’t go well. This guide will walk you through a few basic strategies, though the best way to learn Russian often varies from person to person depending on your learning type. […] Read more

culturally diverse cities

Most Culturally Diverse Cities in the World

Our world is an amazing place. Often, the more you travel, the more you feel like you haven’t even scratched the surface —  spectacular sights, a melting pot of flavors, thousands of different cultural ethnicities. Different languages add to the mix. There are a few cities around the world that showcase an immense amount of diversity and culture in one place. […] Read more

the intrepid guide

Using Language To See The World w/ Michele Frolla of The Intrepid Guide

For many of us, travel is a major motivator behind our desire to learn a new language. This is the core of what we’re all about at Live Lingua — using language to break down barriers and bring the world closer together.  If you’ve done any international travel yourself, you’ve likely heard of The Intrepid […] Read more

german sayings

Update Your German With These Colorful German Sayings

Once you’re past the Guten Morgen! and Ein Bier, bitte! it’s really time to dive deep into German. You might think that since the language is so closely related to English, there would be plenty of overlap in proverbs and general sayings, but that is one theory better not put into practice. Using Es regnet […] Read more

mexico city best things

6 Top Things To Do In Mexico City

To visit Mexico City is to dive into the vestiges of ancient civilizations and to stroll under the shade of modern skyscrapers.  To taste the best spicy beef tacos at a street food stall whilst sipping warm soda from a plastic bag and to enjoy a five Michelin star dining experience. Experiencing Mexico City is also to buy luxury goods from international flagship […] Read more

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