5 Ways to Get Solid Foreign Language Writing Practice

This article is a follow-up to our 2019 post on writing in a foreign language. Foreign language learners often undermine the importance of writing. The focus is mostly on learning how to communicate, but writing is just as important skill. It is true that writing can be a bigger challenge. However, it is nothing that […] Read more

How Learning English as a Second Language Impacts Your Life

Learning to speak English can make a huge difference in your life and open many doors of opportunity for you. The British Council estimates that by 2020, 2 billion people around the world will be speaking and learning English. That’s one out of every four people! Do you have family members in an English-speaking country? […] Read more

now is the time to learn english

Why 2020 is the perfect time to learn English

2020 is the perfect time to learn English. With the start of a new year comes new goals to set, challenges to overcome, and habits to form. Don’t you think it’s finally time to make learning English one of them? In this post, I’ll share my top 5 reasons why 2018 is the perfect time […] Read more

zoom for language lessons

How To Use Zoom For Online Language Lessons

Most people’s lives have been turned upside down this year thanks to Covid-19. For leisure activities, this has been a difficult time. Hobbies have suffered considerably from the effects of lockdown, with many sports still off the table (community squash, cricket, and rugby among these). Those pastimes that have returned post-lockdown may now be available […] Read more

Monday Motivation — The Fuel To Start Your Week: Part 1

At Live Lingua, we understand the importance of starting the week off right. That’s why we created #mondaymotivation — a series of motivational quotes to inspire your language learning goals and get you stoked to progress. “If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein “Learning another language […] Read more

The Best French Language App To Complement Your Lessons

Whether you are learning French to pass a test, plan for a trip or even just to expand your language horizons, there are seemingly infinite great ways to master the language. With all of the podcasts, online tutors, and social channels out there, it gets confusing — how are you supposed to find the best way […] Read more

Best Things To Do In Casablanca

The Casablanca experience is a unique one above all things. It’s a breath of fresh air in an environment many consider merely desert. It’s a place where you find serenity even amidst significant raucousness. And it is, without a doubt, a city with numerous attractions to offer. Right from when you get off the plane, […] Read more

holiday gifts for teachers

Holiday Gifts for Teachers 2020

Twiducate Presents: The Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers 2018 As classrooms become more digitized, proper tech gear is increasingly important for teachers. What you need varies depending on your subject matter — but a few staples like a good laptop or microphone are common necessities. Whether you’re new to teaching or have been in the […] Read more

present perfect tense in english

Present Perfect Tense in English

  The present perfect tense in English is built around ‘have’ and ‘has,’ in addition to a past participle. Essentially, present perfect tense refers to describing an action that was done in the past, simply. Here are a few examples: ‘I have eaten at Chile’s.’  ‘have eaten’ is what makes this present perfect tense. I am not […] Read more

languages of spain

Exploring the Languages of Spain

If we asked you to name which languages were spoken in Spain, we know what your first guess would be. Spanish, right? And you’d be perfectly correct: it’s the nation’s official language and 99% of Spaniards speak it. But on the streets of Spain, you’ll hear more than just Spanish. There’s neighboring Portugal and Portuguese […] Read more

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