What Is The Most Difficult Language To Learn?

WIt seems to be a simple question but it has a multifaceted answer. Let’s dive in! What’s the hardest language to learn? The first thing to know when understanding what is the most difficult language to learn is that your language family tree matters! The Indo-European language family, for example, contains over 430 descendant languages, […]

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Should I study one language at a time, or many?

The language dilemma: learning multiple languages at once or one after the other? The process of acquiring a language is a personal pathway and unfortunately, due to its complexity, there is no one-size-fits-all type of answer to this question. However, we will try to shed some light on the factors that may influence each individual, […]

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Update Your German With These Colorful German Sayings

Once you’re past the Guten Morgen! and Ein Bier, bitte! it’s really time to dive deep into German. You might think that since the language is so closely related to English, there would be plenty of overlap in proverbs and general sayings, but that is one theory better not put into practice. Using Es regnet […]

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How To Find Your Skype Username

As one of the leading providers of video calls and conferencing, Skype is one of the easiest ways to speak with friends and loved ones in different locations. The service is also used by companies across the globe to communicate with clients (here at Live Lingua, we teach all of our immersive online language lessons […]

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The most romantic language in the world

Romance Language vs. Romantic Language Before diving into the business of communicating devotion to your sweetheart let’s start with making an important distinction between the romantic language and a Romance language. It is true that “romance” is the exciting warm feeling that we often associate with love. Thus, affectionate expressions like gentle gestures and romantic […]

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Household Items in Italian

This one’s for those looking to dive into the Italian household. Perhaps you’re renting an Airbnb for your stay and want to hone up on Italian language skills to impress your host. Or maybe you just want to speak a bit of household Italian with friends, family, or others while in country or at home. […]

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Vowels In Arabic

Learning how properly use and write vowels in Arabic should be one of the first steps in your Arabic learning journey. This is particularly true if you plan to travel to an Arabic speaking country, where the different dialects of the language are spoken very quickly. Here in this video from Live Lingua’s YouTube channel, […]

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Possessive Italian Adjectives

If you plan to travel to Italy and want to speak a bit of Italian while there, this video from Live Lingua Italian teacher Luisa. She covers possessive Italian adjectives in a friendly and approachable manner, with English translations and slow presentation. Consistent use, both with speaking and listening, of the language is the best […]

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Conjugating Italian Verbs — Part 3

Travelers to Italy must grasp conjugating Italian verbs if they want to communicate with locals on their trip. You can totally do it — conjugating Italian verbs is actually much easier than verb conjugation in many other languages. This video is the third in a three-part series from Live Lingua Italian teacher Luisa, where she […]

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How To Conjugate Italian Verbs

One of the first things any Italian learner needs to know is how to conjugate Italian verbs. Once you have a handle on this, moving between tenses and mastering vocabulary will come much more naturally. In this video, the second part of a series (here is the first part), Live Lingua Italian teacher Luisa takes […]

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