Positional and Directional Words : 下and 上

As all language learners know, studying a language is not only learning verbs and structures, but also learning about different mindsets and “thinking” in somebody else’s language. For those who study Chinese, for example, some additional words can be challenging. Today we see 上(shang) and下 (xia). In the next 2 articles we deal with other […]

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Is Latin useless?

The Latin language is one of the mothers of modern languages. Romance languages (French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanish) were born from its vocabulary and structure and even English is full of latin words. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not bother to learn this charming language, underestimate its importance. Latin literature is wide. Our Western […]

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Posted on August 30, 2016 by   Language Covered: English, French, Spanish, Students | 

English For All: When Culture and Language Clash

On July 3rd the New York Times ran a rather short story about the addition of a new voting language on the ballots in Queens, New York for the September 10th primary elections. For the first time in New York history, South Asian voters in Queens who speak Bengali will find their heart language as […]

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Why reading is important

When you decide to start learning a new language, an efficient and reliable method to increase your foreign vocabulary and improve your pronunciation quickly, is reading. If you follow these 3 easy tips, it should not be a tiring and boring activity. 1. A very good dictionary is your best friend I bet you know which […]

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The dictionary of untraslatables

Do you struggle to understand some concepts, words or even sentences in the foreign language you are learning? Maybe it is time to read the weirdest book the twenty-first century ever published so far: Dictionary of Untranslatables: A Philosophical Lexicon. Written by a French philologist, Barbara Cassin, this fantastic and interesting book is also available […]

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Korean Food: The Flavors Of Community

My husband and I have been part of a Korean American faith community for the past seven and a half years. One aspect of religious life for Korean Americans is the idea of a shared meal. In honor of the many friends we have made (and the women who cook for more than 200 people […]

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Olympics words and sentences for Rio 2016

The 2016 Olympics Games are coming in Rio very soon. To help team supporters get ready for Brazil I have prepared a list of useful and fun Brazilian Portuguese phrases you may hear either in the stadiums, on the TV or walking around the streets! Let’s starts 1. Oi, tudo bem? = It means “how is […]

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Kyzyl, Russia: The Center of Asia

There are certain sights, sounds and smells that immediately take me back in time. When the smell of burning rubber permeates the air I think of Kenya. I am transported to sitting in Nairobi traffic, windows down and diesel fuel pouring in through the windows. It’s the smell of earth, dirt and sweat that drips […]

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Arabic language? Why not learn it?

The Arabic language is the language of one of the most important religious book, the Koran. It is a very difficult language to translate because it has its own character, its secrets and, of course, its charm. Arabic is the most common Semitic language. Born in the 2nd century in the Arabian Peninsula, it was […]

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75 Useful Cognates in Spanish

Guess what, Spanish learners? Even if you’re a total beginner, we’re betting you could instantly recognize 75 (or maybe more) Spanish vocabulary words, instantly. How could that be? It’s time to learn about false cognates – that is, words that sound the same (or almost the same), AND have the same meaning. So even if […]

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