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Japan is a highly developed country. Japanese people are proud not only of the latest technologies but also of their distinctive culture. Japanese is one of the most interesting languages in the world. Its writing system has a complex structure: Chinese characters are “kanji” and two phonetic alphabets – “katakana” and “hiragana”, which were created based on hieroglyphics.

Learning Japanese is a thrilling challenge when there is a desire and interest in mastering it. Many educational institutions are offering a wide range of programs and courses.  

Of course, there are numerous online resources that focus on traditional language learning. But there is an alternative approach to this task.  TV shows may help a lot in mastering the art of communication in the Japanese language. These are not television series, not documentary or informational programs. These are entertaining TV shows, the participants of which speak the simple language, understandable to everyone. 

Japanese TV shows are always built in the form of a dialogue, and the replicas of the participants of the show are duplicated on the screen with subtitles. Through subtitles, you will begin to understand expressions that have no analogs in other languages, and the characteristic feelings inherent only to residents of Japan. Unlike the Latin alphabet, there is no need to read hieroglyphs.”The subtitles will train you to understand them through visual perception. Moreover, visual memory is much stronger than auditory memory, so this approach is very effective in language learning”, – says Chester Nilsson, Head of Communications at Essay Writer Pro

You May Find Many TV Shows on National Networks and Cable Channels

It is a famous everyday show that is more than 30 years old. The show has already ended but many channels are still broadcasting it. Tamori, the host of the show, invited a few guests every weekday. Each episode included a group task, various challenges, and a guest interview. The show is perfect for Japanese mastering as well as learning more about the culture of the country.

You may mistakenly think it is a weather forecast program as the word “ame” is translated as rain. In fact, it is an entertaining show hosted by two famous comedians. The participants will bring you a lot of joy by undertaking silly tasks and participating in funny competitions. The hosts make comic conversations while interviewing the guests. The show gets you more familiar with the language in an unobtrusive manner.  

The events take place in different parts of the country. At first, a guest host throws a dart at the map of Japan and then goes to that place. The show is a great chance to see the local life in different regions. You will hear a lot of funny dialogues with old people and small kids.  The culture of the country will be shown to you in a very attractive and friendly way.

The show takes place at the airport. The hosts meet people who have just come to the country and ask them questions about Japan. You will see different stories of people coming to Japan to study, work, meet with friends, learn more about the Japanese culture. This show is good for beginners as Japanese here can be easily understood. You will hear familiar accents, as often visitors are English speaking. You will see plenty of people in love with Japan.

This show includes hosts-comedians and some guests. The hosts ask the guests questions on taboo subjects. You will enjoy it and laugh at silly answers. The guests of the program play fun games, answer questions from the hosts and just have fun. The show is also full of various gossip. The show has no script and all that you see is totally improvised by the hosts and guests.

Brush up your Japanese level with TV shows. The TV will play the role of an important assistant in gaining the ability not only to convey your thoughts to the listener in Japanese, but also to understand the interlocutor’s speech.

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