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Ah, Portugal! It is a beautiful country full of breathtaking sites. Here are our top 6 must-see sites when using your amazing Portuguese language skills to explore the country:


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1. Ericeira: No visit to Portugal is complete without an ocean-side view. If you venture to the western coast of Portugal, you will find Ericeira. The community is known for its popularity among surfers, especially amateurs. If you love the beach and water and are looking for a quaint community, Ericeira is the perfect place.

2. Museu Gulbenkian, Lisbon: No must-see site list is complete without a museum and the Museu Gulbenkian will not disappoint. Built in the 1960’s the museum features a variety of artifacts. From modern art to a collection of medieval books, the museum is an interesting way to spend a day while in Lisbon. If you only have a few hours, stick to the main building.

3. Bom Jesus Do Monte, Braga: Rich in Christian religious history, no trip to Portugal is complete without a visit to Bom Jesus Do Monte. The church was designed by the architect Carlos Amarante Braga in the 1800’s. It is Portugal’s most photographed church and exudes the rich spiritual history of the country.

4. Convento De Cristo, Tomar: Another beautiful church in the country is the Convento De Cristo. Most famously the church was a stronghold for the Knights Templar. Built in the 11th century, it was built to protect the Christian institution from the Moors.

5. Batalha: With just 7,500 inhabitants, the town of Batalha is a culturally rich area of Portugal. It is home to the Batalha Monastery which took over a century to build. It was started in 1386 and finished in 1517. In addition to the Batalha Monastery, the town is home to over 10 monuments.

6. Guimarães: Known as the first capital of Portugal, Guimarães is filled with historical beauty. Because of its historical significance, it is a very popular tourist site. The first Portuguese king was born in Guimarães and the center is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. With so many historical sites, fountains and monuments, visitors can easily spend days visiting all this city has to offer.

Visiting Portugal makes for an exciting and wonderful vacation! If you need some help with your Portuguese, take a look at our language lessons here on Live Lingua. For those of you who are students, keep us posted with your travels and be sure and check in every now and again!

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