15601597778_7450614c7dThis has been a request for quite sometime. It took me a while to wrap my head around how to embed it into the existing structure.

Well, its done, and thank you all for asking. Now you can add other teachers to your class!!

Better yet, you could create a new class, add another teacher, and collaboratively add your students.

I hope to try this with a colleague. I will be making four classes of five students and will add her as a teacher to each class. She can then add her five students to each of my four classes giving us cross classroom groupings!! You could even go across the globe!

Simple yet powerful collaboration!!

Perhaps your school uses the Twiducate Platfrom. Now you can have all teachers of that school inside the same network sharing resources, etc.

The possibilities are endless…..

I do believe this feature has vaulted the Twiducate Platfrom into the collaborative direction I had initially planned! Please share!

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