best apps for learning spanish

Language learners of the world, you are such a lucky bunch! You have access to a bounty of wonderful tools that can aid your learning process.

Studying Spanish using conventional didactic methods such as books and attending face-to-face lessons in a proper classroom have their benefits, but with the dawn of the digital age acquiring language skills has been transformed into an incredible dynamic and convenient experience thanks to apps and accessible online language schools.

Language apps on their own typically aren’t enough to reach a conversational level in Spanish but are a great tool to use alongside immersive Spanish lessons.

They provide anything from complete language courses, flashcards, live chats, and social media integrations, to educational games and reference resources. With such an array of options, it may be difficult to know which are the best apps for learning Spanish. These are the five most popular:



Duolingo is one of the most widespread free language learning app on the market, especially amongst young learners, and it´s easy to see why. The design and functionality turn the task into an interactive experience similar to a video game.

You win badges for practicing your Spanish and for completing new levels which entice the user to progress. This app does provide a broad spectrum of vocabulary and difficulty increases steadily as you move forward. It also covers simple conjugation and basic listening skills focus on the bare essentials, which mean that it does not hit hard on developing a high level of grammar.

Finally, if you are the competitive type Duolingoallows you to track your progress against your friends.

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Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone

Rosetta Stone is the world´s best-known language learning methodology, being the first language app available for download. It is one of the original best apps for learning Spanish, before apps were even anywhere near what they are now.

What differentiates it from other digital tools is that it teaches you Spanish in Spanish. It sounds confusing, but what we mean is that there are no translations to English (or the language you speak) and that all the content is in Spanish, making it a fully immersive learning experience.

Therefore it is tough to only use this, the programming is best done alongside immersive lessons.

This may not be for everyone. Additionally to the integrated materials and classes, you may also schedule live lessons with Spanish tutors so you can practice speaking.

This app does offer a comprehensive solution for your Spanish language needs but it is based on a rigid teaching program and the provided time slots to book your live lessons are very inflexible too.

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Busuu offers a very user-friendly platform and allows you to track your process as well as get weekly reports.

The courses correspond directly to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)[1], an international standard for language lessons. So this means you achieve fluency in a more structured way.

This could be appealing to more serious language learners looking to benchmark their progress against an internationally accepted scale rather than to those who may be seeking a more fun and relaxed experience.

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Memrise is the language learning tool that brings a little fun and humor into the mix. Here the main focus is the expansion of vocabulary. For instance, it uses memes as well as entertaining or quirky associations between words and their meanings in order to ensure that newly covered words are memorized.

Behind this fun and lighthearted approach, there is some serious science too. It is based on a “spaced repetition” technique, where words or concepts are repeatedly presented by longer and longer time intervals.

The space repetition algorithm calculates how often words should be covered to ensure the vocabulary is effectively memorized by the learner.

You can also compete and share your own memes with other users to help boost your ratings. These kinds of features definitively appeal to a more juvenile profile of language learners.

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Beelinguapp is truly unique because it allows the user to learn Spanish through audiobooks with an amusing karaoke reading style. This bookish tool encourages learners to read in another language whilst displaying both language text side-by-side.

The learner just has to set the languages and choose the story from an interesting assortment of categories. Beelinguapp may enhance Spanish reading comprehension and reinforce the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

However, this option is only appropriate for those who already have the Spanish basis covered.

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Can you really learn Spanish with an app?

These are the best apps for learning Spanish — but are they enough?

Despite all their benefits language learning apps might not be the best solution for everyone wanting to take their Spanish to the next level. Apps are usually based on repetitive work and perceived as more informal tools that provide a private safe space where the learner can practice at their own pace and make good use of their spare time.

However, if you want an effective personalized immersive Spanish language program you should look into Live Lingua.

Live Lingua is an innovative online language school that provides live one-to-one classes with qualified native Spanish speaking teachers, who add essential cultural insights to the learning process, craft customized programs with relevant materials for you and offer flexible schedules that work around your own timetable.

Your classes on your terms! Lessons are delivered via Skype to wherever you are (no matter the time zone) and the content is truly tailored to your specific needs.

Your progress is evaluated against the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Scale[2]to ensure you formally move forward. Finally, flexibility and convenience are wrapped with the added benefit of an outstanding customer service.

Live Lingua’s team of class coordinators are on hand 7 days a week to assist with any support needs you may have.

Whether you are a complete beginner or are already at an advanced level, Live Lingua can help you achieve your Spanish language dreams. You can book a free 1-hour trial class to discuss your language learning objectives and motivations. Start today and up your language game!



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