Publish Date: March 25, 2014      Author: melissa.bailey

language boredomLearning a new language is a little bit like a relationship. In the beginning there is an incredible amount of excitement as you are “in love” with the idea of learning this language. Then you hit the nuances of the language and this is the dating phase. You see both the beauty and the annoyances of the language. Eventually, at some point in the process, you will leave the “honeymoon” stage and realize the hard work that must take place to make the language stick.

If you are in this stage of language learning, it can be incredibly difficult to keep going as you hit a difficult concept that seems to give you a mental block. Every language learner will reach this point in the process where it seems like the language is more of a hill to climb than a finish line to celebrate! If you are burned out on language learning (or just plain bored of all the conjugating) here are a few tips to help you change it up:

1. Watch a movie in your target language

Oftentimes learning a language is unintentionally separated from reality. Watching a movie in the target language is  a great way to remind yourself that you are studying this language for relationships and not just for information. Get lost in a great foreign film and recharge your language ability!

2. Listen to some music

Before the popularity of the Internet, finding music in another language usually meant a trip to the local music store. Today, finding music in another language is quite easy with so many great websites. If you feel overloaded, take a few minutes and search for some amazing foreign language tunes online.

3. Read a fun book

Did you know that the Harry Potter series has been translated into over 60 languages? Or that the Hunger Games trilogy has been translated into over 25 languages? If you want to sit down and read a book in your target language, it doesn’t need to be a technical or an unknown read! You can always turn towards some popular favorites to experience the language in a more familiar environment.

If you are in a language learning slump, take some time away to do some fun things with the language, and then head back into the game ready to learn and press forward!

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