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Brazilian Churrasco

Brazilian Churrasco. Image coutesy of

When I think of a barbecues, being from America, it makes me think of quite a few things. I think of being outside with friends and family, kids running around having fun, people sipping on lemonade or iced tea, the barbecue smoking with my father or uncle keeping a watchful eye on it, and other scrumptious, wholesome and homemade items strewn across the table. Just thinking about barbecues makes me happy inside. It’s a perfect meal for casual get-togethers with your family and good friends.

The Brazilians definitely know how to throw a great barbecue. It’s one of the nation’s staple dishes and the popularity for this succulent meat is spreading around the world. Have you been to a true Brazilian barbecue? Do you know how they do it? Where did it come from? I’m getting hungry already, so let’s hurry up and find out!


Brazilian barbecues, or churrasco, (pronounced shoo-RAS-koo) was the main meal back when the gauchos (cowboys) were roaming the lands in the south of Brazil in the 1500’s. It spread across the entire country by the 1940’s. These gauchos created a spectacular dish and it has been kept a tradition ever since then.


Many meats are used in a churrasco. Sausages, beef, lamb, poultry… All cooked to perfection by using a salt-water baste. The meats are sworded on long skewers and placed on racks. The fattier meats are often put on top so their juices can fall down to the other meats for flavor. It is popular to have a churrasco pit in your backyard in Brazil. The gauchos used to dig a holes in the ground and placed coals at the bottom to have their barbecues.

Nowadays, Brazilian barbecue restaurants are popping up around the world. It often involves a virtually endless amount of meat skewers being cooked over a fire and then individually carved on to each plate. You may continue eating until you are too full to eat anymore.

What’s a barbecue like in your country? Do you have barbecues or at least a Brazilian barbecue restaurant? What’s your favorite meal to gather around with friends and family?

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