Publish Date: August 16, 2014      Author: Ray Blakney

Skype is a free software that allows you to speak with voice and video with people from all over the world. If you have not already installed Skype yet you can learn how to do through our tutorial here on How to download and install Skype.

If you have already installed Skype but still need to create your Skype account just follow these steps below.  Please keep in mind that Skype constantly is modifying its interface so what you see on your computer may not match the images below perfectly, but the process should stay largely the same.  The images are also from the English version of Skype.  If you installed Skype in another language the text will be different.

Step 1

To get started open Skype on your computer.  When you do the first screen you should see should be the following:

Create Your Skype Account - 1

Once this screen comes up, click on the “Create an Account” button.  In the future, once you have an account you will just be able to input your Skype username, email or mobile number along with your password to sign in to your Skype account.

Step 2

OPTION 1: The next screen that comes up will ask for you to create an account using your phone number.  If you would like to tie your Skype account to your phone number fill out this form and click no the “next” button.  If on the other hand, you would rather create an account with your mail (which is what we recommend) then click on the link that says “user your email instead“.



Create Your Skype Account - 2


OPTION 2:  If you would rather create an account tied to your email then the screen below should show up.  Fill out all the requested information and make sure you un-check the box that says “Send me promotional emails from Microsoft“.  You don’t want Microsoft to start spamming you with emails!

Create Your Skype Account - 3 Create Your Skype Account - 4

Step 3

Regardless of which option you choose to create your account Skype will no be sending you a code (usually a 4 digit number).  If you created an account with your phone number they will send it to you as a text message and if you created your account with an email they will send it to your email.  Once receive it, just enter it into the form below and click “Next“.

Create Your Skype Account - 5


That’s all there is to it!  You have activated your Skype account.  At this point, you will enter into your Skype account and be walked through the steps on how to customize your Skype account.  If you would like some help with that you can use our tutorial on “First time opening Skype” on Live Lingua.


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