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Downloading and installing Skype is easy, and it’s free! You can download and install your Skype connection in a matter of minutes, and then the fun begins.

Downloading Skype

Type the following website address into your favorite internet browser (or click on this link) to go to the main webpage of Skype.  Click the “Download button” on the Skype home page to be taken to tthe Download page.  It should look something like this.

Install Skype - Step 1


NOTE:  If you are not in an English speaking country the page will come up in the local language.

Skype should automatically detect the operating system on your computer and direct you to the correct page to download the application for your computer.  The download page should look similar to the following.  If you are using an operating system other than Windows it should say so on your page.  For our example, we are on a Windows machine.

Install Skype - Step 2
Once you click the “Get Skype for Windows” (the text may vary by language and operating system) you will be taken to another page where the download will start.  You should see the following window then the box that asks you where you want to save the Skype installation file called SkypeSetup.exe.

Install Skype - Step 3

Install Skype - Step 4

Install Skype - step 5Select a place on your computer where the file will be easy to find and click the “Save” button.  Downloading the file can take a few minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Once the download is complete double click on the downloaded file to install Skype on your computer.  It will bring a screen similar to the one below.


Install Skype - step 6

NOTE: Please read each page that comes up when you are installing closely.  Since being bought by Microsoft in 2014 Skype has tried to force you to change your browser to Microsofts and make you change your home page to their search engine, Bing.  When the pages asking if you would like to do so come up, make sure you unselect the checkboxes giving permission to do so.

In the screen that comes up select the language, you would like Skype to be in for you and click on the “I Agree – Next” button on the window.  From that point on just follow the instructions on the screens that come up to install Skype.

Once you have installed Skype, you can then create your Skype username and login.  If you want instructions on how to do so you can find them in our online tutorial here.



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