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The Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers 2018

As classrooms become more digitized, proper tech gear is increasingly important for teachers. What you need varies depending on your subject matter — but a few staples like a good laptop or microphone are common necessities.

Whether you’re new to teaching or have been in the classroom for decades, the importance of good gear cannot be understated. After all, your entire ability to do your job depends on it. These nine items are all things I use personally on a daily basis and swear by for my lessons with Live Lingua, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

This guide is in conjunction with Twiducate’s sister site, Teacher Indie, the web’s go-to resource for teaching online. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Online Teachers. 

They make great gifts for the teachers, instructors, and tutors in your life (and we won’t tell if you keep one or two for yourself). You’ll notice we aren’t including any basic classroom supplies — you already have those. We teamed with Teacher Indie, a site specifically built for online and digital teachers, because we wanted to offer Twiducate users something outside the box this year. You may not find use for all or even most of them, but as trends show the classroom utilizing more digital technology than ever, we just wanted to share what we’ve found works best.

Without further ado, the holiday gift guide for teachers 2018!



In the guide, you’ll find all the best tech gear to make your lessons as modern as possible. If you teach online some or all of the time, or are interested in doing so, we built the tech version of the holiday gift guide for teachers for you.

Shopping for teachers is a tough activity, as I’m sure you’ve been informed by those close to you. Family members and friends often find it challenging to find gift ideas that either a) aren’t already being bought by someone else, b) aren’t cliché teaching things (i.e. anything with an apple on it), or c) something that a teacher actually wants.

This process gets even more challenging when said teacher is a digital nomad and spends their time gallivanting across the planet. When experiences are valued more than ‘things’, what the hell is someone supposed to give you as a gift?

We’ve got a few ideas for the stumped gift givers in your circle, each bettering both your work and your travels for 2018.


Nomatic Notebook and/or Plannerbest gifts for online teachers

Looking to journal your adventures? Frequent travel making it hard to keep track of appointments, meetings, and notes? Nomatic has you covered with their moleskin notebook ($15) and journal ($18). Perfect for carry-on bags, both options store a pen, mark your page, and even feature erasable marker pages for brainstorming sessions.



ExOfficio Travel Underwear/Clothesbest gifts for online teachers

We all know that feeling – being stuck on a long flight and wishing we’d chosen a different outfit/pair of underwear/jacket/whatever. It’s miserable. Fortunately, ExOfficio has been there too and decided to do something about it. Their clothes are built for travel, meaning they are as flexible and durable as they are sharp. The brand is particularly noted for their underwear, but if you aren’t sure what to ask for, a gift card is the best way to keep your options open.








Anker Powercore Portable Chargerbest gifts for online teachers

Teaching on the go often means charging on the fly. Outlets aren’t always the easiest thing to find, which is where Anker Powercore’s portable chargers come in handy. Charge your device up to three times without refueling the charger, and never have to worry about being stuck in a busy coffee shop with no power ever again. $17.99-$32.99






Bose QuietComfort20 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphonesbest gifts for online teachers

Here’s an item for the big spender on your list ($249.95). Noise canceling headphones are essential for anyone staying in hostels, flying economy, and/or working in cafes (pretty much sums up all of us, right?). Easily zone out the hustle and bustle around you and focus on what needs to get done. Need to zone out or fall asleep on the plane? Plug these babies in and get your Headspace meditation on.



Hydroflask Vacuum Insulated Portable Mugbest gifts for online teachers

Hydroflasks are built for adventurers and travelers. No matter where you’re headed, you want your coffee to stay piping hot (it will – they claim up to six hours but I’ve had coffee stay at a drinkable level of warmth for much longer), your beer cold (up to 24 hours), and your water fresh. Big city, backpacking trip, gym – you name it. There’s not a place that these mugs can’t go. The brand now offers growlers, which means exactly what you’d expect – bring them into a brewery and fill up on the go! Rejoice!








Dry Fox Co. Travel Towelbest gifts for online teachers

Stay warm, stay dry, stay relaxed on the road with this incredible towel from Dry Fox Co. Zippered pouches keep your stuff safe, it fits in your carry on, and is as versatile as they come.



Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpackbest gifts for online teachers

Especially built for us digital nomads, Standard Luggage offers this perfect carry-on bag that keeps work gear, clothing, and everything else safe and secure on long-haul flights and beyond. If you’re like me, you’ve worn out a number of backpacks and bags over the years, but this one is built to last through heavy use.





best gifts for online teachersGift Cards

That’s right. This one’s easy. REI, Amazon, hotels, airlines, anywhere travel or entrepreneur related. Digital magazine subscriptions are another great option because we can read them on our laptop/Kindle/phone on the road.



if you are anything like me, your mind is beginning to wander. There are countless differences between a classroom teaching job and teaching online, but one blatant similarity is that things tend to slow down over the holidays.

That happens across the board actually. Most industries, save retail and hospitality, are pretty mellow once mid-December hits.

What’s a digital nomad online teacher such as yourself supposed to do with the lag in work? We’ve got a few ideas.

Holiday Ideas For Teachers: Travel

Of course, this is top of the list. Travel is why we do this, right? Even if you aren’t planning to visit family this year, use this chance to head somewhere fresh and relax. Flights are expensive and airports crowded this time of year.

We’re not a fluff site. I’m not going to sit here and tell you to go to the beach because it’s cold outside. Make up your own mind on destinations, but here are a few hints to make the process easier and cheaper:

Holiday Ideas For Online Teachers: Develop your business and personal goals for 2018

While the rest of the industry is sipping rum-laced eggnog and watching football, get a head start on 2018. Lay out your financial and sales targets, do any lesson planning and curriculum work that needs updates, and lay out the steps for launching a new class/product/special to drive more business.

January is a great time to list new offerings. Natalie Sisson at The Suitcase Entrepreneur put together this great one-page business plan that allows business leaders to map out their path for the next year. The best part? It’s free and fun to fill out.

On a personal level, the holidays and upcoming New Year are perfect for working on your personal self. Perhaps it’s time to start a bullet journal, or step up your game in a regular journal or notebook. Nomatic has a great one that is built for travelers. Personally, I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ new book Tribe of Mentors and it’s got me constantly jotting down quotes and inspiration.

And hey, who says you can’t enjoy a little rum and eggnog throughout the process?

Holiday Ideas For Teachers: Up your fitness game

Here’s an equation. What is the result of more lazy time + more heavy, high-calorie food + more alcohol?

The answer is: not pretty.

I’m the first one to enjoy the holiday spread and certainly am not going to shy away from an extra helping if it’s offered. But I try to balance it out by making sure I hit the gym in the morning and this time of year, add an extra few reps and laps to burn off the calories.

It’s incredible how much better one can feel when the holiday meals aren’t capped by a massive guilt session. An exercise routine can be tough to build on the road, but these tips have helped me immensely-

Holiday Ideas For Online Teachers: Routines Help You Stay on your A-game

It’s easy to fall out of rhythm during the holidays. Over the years, I’ve come to really appreciate simple ways to keep a routine of work and personal growth when everyone around me is focused on gifts and football.

I hope you find these tips worthwhile – I’d love to hear what your holiday wellness routine looks like. Shoot me an email here.

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