start a language learning mastermind

How to start a language learning mastermind

Learning a new language is a process that benefits not only from dedicated time, but from a good network of support as well. Live Lingua’s immersive online language lessons are a great way to gain familiarity and comfort with communicating in your new language – but what can be done outside of lessons to keep the information fresh? Language learning masterminds are a great option.

Language learning mastermind: What is it?

Masterminds are used often by entrepreneurs and salespeople. The gist is this: a small group of people, usually between 4 and 6, who meet on a regular basis to discuss challenges, offer advice, and brainstorm. Typically masterminds meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with calls or meetings ranging from an hour to an hour and a half. For more information, check out this great podcast.

A language learning mastermind is kind of like a study group. It could be a group of people all learning the same language, or just a group of language learners in general who are looking for the tips, tricks, and that extra dose of motivation.

Accountability drives results

One of the biggest benefits of a language learning mastermind is that it gives each person the chance to form goals, state those goals to the group, and hold each other accountable. Let’s say you want to progress your Spanish speaking to near fluency in six months. Develop a few goals that will help you get there, say monthly or bi-weekly mark points, and bring those goals to the group. Make sure each person has a written copy.

Each mastermind call or meeting gives the group a chance to discuss each person’s goals and any challenges they faced in meeting them. It’s incredible what a bit of accountability can do – no one wants to be the person that shows up unprepared!

How to run a language learning mastermind



In general, meetings should be productive and focused, but also light-hearted. No one should dread coming to meeting – it should be something that is fun and that each person looks forward to. The group can initiate a rotating ‘hot seat’ where each meeting, the focus is on one person and their challenges. The ‘mastermind brain’ as its collectively called puts their minds together to brainstorm solutions, ideas, and out-of-the-box tactics for the person on the hot seat to try.

After initial greetings and updating from each member, the bulk of the meeting (20-30 minutes) is spent on what the hot seat person needs help or guidance with. Here is a tentative language learning mastermind schedule:

  • Initial updates. Go around the group and providing updates on our goals and action points from the previous meeting. This usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Hot seat. 20-30 minutes devoted to the person’s biggest challenge in language learning at the moment.
  • Closing and accountability for next time. Each person shares their goal(s) they hope to accomplish by the next meeting.

Ready to start a language learning mastermind?

A great places to find a language learning mastermind is the 100 Masterminds podcast website. Additionally, try websites like Nextdoor and Craigslist, where you can create a post in search of mastermind partners in your area.


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