conjugate italian verbs

One of the first things any Italian learner needs to know is how to conjugate Italian verbs. Once you have a handle on this, moving between tenses and mastering vocabulary will come much more naturally.

In this video, the second part of a series (here is the first part), Live Lingua Italian teacher Luisa takes viewers how to conjugate Italian verbs and offers easy English translation.

If you’d like more videos, including the rest of this series on how to conjugate Italian verbs, head over to Live Lingua’s YouTube channel. There you will find helpful videos from our native language teachers on a variety of topics from grammar to travel tips and more. We publish a video each Wednesday — and the best part is that they’re always free!

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Italian is a tough language to learn but we’re here with you every step of the way. and be able to speak it at a conversational or fluent level, You can sign up for a free trial lesson at the hyperlink and get ready to take your language comprehension and speaking ability to the next level! Live Lingua offers immersive one-on-one online language lessons in 11 languages from Italian to English, German, Japanese, and more.

As you work towards becoming conversational and eventually fluent in Italian, try to engage with native Italian speakers and media as much as you can. Newspapers, music, and movies — even short clips on YouTube — can boost your comprehension and help you to hone your speaking ability.

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