Publish Date: September 21, 2017      Author: Tim Wenger

I’m not sure about you, but when I think of Italy I think of the food. I think of the romance of the old cities. I think of the charm of the Amalfi Coast and of passing afternoons on a café terrace overlooking the sea, or perhaps an old town square.

The Italian language comes to mind afterwards. I picture conversations I’ve had with the Italians I’ve met over the years, typically discussing the intricacies of a country that thrives on international tourism while pushing to maintain the intricacies of their own culture.

Looking back on these conversations, I begin to recall the nuances of the Italian language.

How about Italian curse words? You’re here to learn how to curse in Italian, not listen to me ramble. Let’s get to it!

How to curse in Italian: The basics

Shit: Merda! Minchia!

Fuck: Porca Puttana!

What the fuck: Che due coglioni!

Go fuck yourself: Vaffanculo!

Asshole: Stronza/Stronzo (m/f)

Son of a bitch: Figlio di puttana!

How to curse in Italian: Visual elements make a huge difference

A quick YouTube search for Italian curse words brings up a number of video results for both pronunciation and written forms of bad Italian words. It is important to remember that viewing and reviewing the words will make you more likely to remember them.

This video on how to curse in Italian breaks it down quite well:

How to curse in Italian: Use cue cards

Cue cards are a great technique to use for general language learning. Add swear words, and the process gets that much more enjoyable. Adding visual cues to the bad Italian words can help you learn them faster. Use white flashcards to memorize your vocabulary words.

Write the curse words on a cue card, with the English translation on the back side. This is a fun game to practice with friends. The cue cards also make a great and hilarious surprise to leave on a friend’s car dashboard or slip into their laptop when they aren’t looking.

How often do Italians swear?

This depends on where you are in the country. In the Veneto region, cursing is far more common than in most of the country. Swearing directly at someone is considered very rude, and you likely won’t see swear words used nearly as often as you do in North America and other parts of Europe.

Putting It All Together

While studying Italian curse words, go over each term, repeating it out loud. If you don’t remember what the vocabulary means, look on the back of your cue card to see the English translation. Review the pronunciation by watching the YouTube video, clicking on the pronunciation in Google Translate or listening to online audio clips. After a few repetitions, while looking through the cards, you’ll remember the vocabulary through both the audio and visual associations. Continue repeating the vocabulary out loud until you memorize it.

Why not take it a step further and learn some more Italian? It’s a beautiful language, and incredibly romantic. Our native Italian tutors offer Italian Lessons Online to get you speaking Italian regularly. Have a free lesson on us!

As we noted earlier repetition is key to success. Use your key cards, practice with a friend, or better yet – do some Skyping with a fluent Italian speaker. You two can swear at each other like one of you just punched the other’s son square in the face. Bet you never thought learning a new language could be so much fun!

The moral of the story is to just do it. Learn the words. Use the words. Then, expand your Italian vocabulary to cover basic daily interactions and conversations. Practice every day and we promise – you’ll see some fucking results.

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