how to find your skype username

As one of the leading providers of video calls and conferencing, Skype is one of the easiest ways to speak with friends and loved ones in different locations. The service is also used by companies across the globe to communicate with clients (here at Live Lingua, we teach all of our immersive online language lessons via Skype!)

Here’s the lowdown on Skype usernames including how to find your Skype username to share with others.

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How To Set Up Your Skype Account

What is my Skype name?

skype ID

Skype usernames are a form of identification that you may use to access your account, much like you use a username or network name to access an electronic device such as a smartphone or a computer, a network like a Wi-Fi Internet connection at your favorite coffee house, and other useful stuff like live streaming services, online programs, or mobile phone applications. 

In this instance, your Skype username is the handle at which you can be found on Skype, kind of like the Skype version of a phone number.

You can use the username from your Microsoft account. To create a new Skype account, you’ll also want to set a profile picture — this can be your social media profile photo or a separate one. It simply helps people confirm that it’s you, in case there are multiple people with your Skype display name!

What is Skype?

Skype is a software application that allows people to have a spoken conversation (either as a phone call or a video conference) with another person over the Internet. In addition to its VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) functionality you can also send instant messages, send files and images, and share contacts. Skype, purchased by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 Billion USD, was first launched back in 2003 and has become one of the world´s most widely used communication tools.

Apps like Skype are awesome free communication tools because they enable people to stay in touch even if they are miles apart. You can call your old friends, hold a work or classroom meeting, or even learn a new language via Skype. Calling mobile phone numbers and landlines may have an extra cost.

Skype has become so popular that the word is now being used as a verb. Yes, you can Skype people! “When would be a good time to Skype you?” someone might ask.

What is a Skype Username?

When you create an account to access Skype for the first time it will prompt you to provide an email address or mobile phone number, produce a password, and specify your first name and your last name. With that information Skype creates a unique Skype Name or Skype ID; this is often called the Skype Username, though Skype ID or Skype Name would be the correct term.

To sign in to Skype you may introduce any of the following:

You also need your Password to complete the logging in process.

Difference between Username and Password:

how to find your skype username

As the name suggests, a username is a tag that identifies you as a user or customer and is usually displayed publicly so other people may recognize you.

Conversely, a password is private and it generally consists of a secret sequence of digits (numbers and/or letters) that allows you to gain access to things like the previous examples.

Sometimes the username may act as a password too, but in most instances they are two different things.

How to find your Skype username

Here’s how to find your Skype username. When you are trying to sign in but can’t remember your Skype Name or Skype ID, you can provide an email address (the one you used to create the account) and they will send you a code to proceed. Same goes for when you forget your password. Hence it is advisable that you write down all the details you enter when you create your Skype user account and keep them handy.

What is my Skype Name?

As mentioned before, nowadays a Skype username or Skype ID is created automatically for you and cannot be changed.

Your Skype Name or Skype ID is usually displayed in your Profile, but it seems that the steps to get to Profile Settings may differ, depending on the device (Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Android, PC, etc.) and/or the Windows version you are using.

Still confused? Here is a summary of the three different concepts:

  1. A “Skype Username” is used to sign in and may be an email address, a Skype Name or a mobile number.

The Names within Skype work like labels so users can know each other. Other Skype users can discover you either by searching your Name, your Skype Name, your email address, or your mobile number. However, you can choose to appear (or not) in search results in the section of Discoverability within your Profile Settings.

Can two people have the same Name?

how to find your skype username

It can be possible for more than one person to be named John Smith but each of them would have a unique Skype Name or Skype ID.

Consequently, if you are trying to Skype someone the most efficient way of finding them is by using their unique Skype Name or Skype ID. Equally, when you want others to get in touch with you it is best to give them your Skype Name or Skype ID.

It is highly recommended to create a Name that makes sense and looks professional. It’s easier to remember and finding your Skype usernames this way. Remembering it won’t ever be a problem, because you’ll have it memorized!

For example, you may want to include a reference to your occupation, the company that you work for, or your location. That will help differentiate your Name from the rest. You can edit your Name in the section of Personal Information of your Profile as many times as you want!

How can I find out my Skype ID?

Here are two general pathways to help you see your Name and Skype Name in case you don´t know them:

  1. If you are using the Skype App:

Click on the top left where your profile photo appears. This will show you an overview of your account including your Name and Skype Name along with other account details.

How to change your Skype username:

Click on “Manage Skype Profile.”

Edit your “Name and contact details.”

If you are using the online version:

Go to My Account.

Scroll down to Settings and Preferences.

Click on Edit Profile. You will be able to see your Name and Skype Name within the Personal Information section. It is possible to edit your Name from there too.

Don’t let words stop you! Skype usernames are easy to set up and there is nothing scary about Skype. Once you start using it you will discover how easy it is to stay in touch with others, no matter where they are in the world!

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