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English women have a certain charm about them. Perhaps it comes from that dazzling British accent, their impeccable style, or the fact that they hail from a part of the world long at the center of global action. Probably, it’s all three of these things and many more. No matter the reason, you’ve got your hopes set on impressing a Brit. Here are a few tips to boost those chances.

Dress the part

Many English women fancy a good night on the town, and if you’re going to be by her side you’d better be presentable. London and the rest of the UK is home to many of the world’s top fashion designers – names like Paul Smith and Stella McCartney call the country home, and there’s a reason for that.

You must remember that English women and men grew up watching royalty, which provides a level class that Americans and many other nationalities aren’t necessarily ingrained with.

If you show up to a cocktail bar wearing a wrinkled button down shirt and a sloppy pair of jeans, that chance at a good first impression is going to go the way of Kasabian – those across the pond just aren’t going to get it.

It’s all about the humor

English women have a serious funny bone. By that, I mean that they are likely to be the one cracking the jokes, and you’ll have to bring your A-Game comedy routine if you want to keep up. She’s not going to take herself too seriously, especially in casual social settings, and won’t want you to either — be quick with a laugh and with a witty comeback. She’ll notice!

And common courtesy

Both English women and men are incredibly polite in general. Things like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ are a regular part of their routine, as are common courtesies such as holding the door open for people behind them and making room for the eldery to sit down on the subway.

Americans, you have an advantage here because American culture is typically quite polite as well — peresonally, I know that say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ multiple times a day. Bring this level of class to a first date or social gathering and you’re bound to make a good first impression on English women.

Be confident and outgoing

English women are confident, but they love a good accent. Show her that you’re confident in yourself and where you’re from, and let your personality shine! Be quick-witted and flirty. When in a group setting, make conversation with those around you and talk about big-picture ideas. She’ll be ready to join the conversation and offer her thoughts, so be ready to listen, too.

If you’re well-traveled, use that experience to your advantage by discussing wide-ranging viewpoints and having an open mind. Impressing English women takes a man who is comfortable in his skin and lets her be the same. Trust me – she’ll notice.

Speak her language (and maybe even another one)

One of the best ways to impress English women is to connect with her in her native tongue. London is a world-class city, and the UK in general is a vibrant place. There’s a certain aspect of meeting her on her turf that is necessary to win her affection, especially if you happen to be in the UK and not in a country where English isn’t the first language.

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