What do London, Melbourne and New York have in common?

All of them are big cities with thousands  people  who live an  unrestrainable life.  The incredible variety of culture, people and ideas contributes to their beauty and charm. Nonetheless, It often looks like a “huge fast food , even in social relationships: you can meet people anywhere and anytime , but you don’t ever feel  satisfied by the quality of the relationship established with other people. You get to experience what many people talk about, when they refer tothose metropolitan areas: feeling lonely among so many people  and  not being able to completely cover the distance with the other ones, especially if your first language is not English.

One of the easiest ways to overcome this distance is to actively seek solutions which meet both needs:  the social aspect  and the language improvement  (after all, they are two sides of the same coin).  Is there anything better than a language exchange?

The language exchanges are events which give the possibility to practice another language simply by speaking with the participants, who usually come from all over the world. A crossroadof cultures and different people who meet each other,   in order to improve a foreign language in a fun way.


The location is friendly and informal like any pubs, for example, in London.  When a participant arrives, the organizers will ask his/her  name,  native language and the language  they are most interested in learning or improving. Then, it will be given  a sticker on which  writing  the  name to be identified  easily among the other participants.Within a few minutes, even if you’re there by yourself, you will find someone to chat, testing your English, or other languages, and make new friends.


Of course, these kind of events cannot substitute a good class at all, but they can be a further motivational drive to not give up, socially and linguistically.  Like  an online class with a LiveLingua teacher, you and only you will be the “Master of Time”. There are plenty of language exchange events, in many cities and their neighbourhoods. If you are busy at work, or you cannot afford to spend money for a drink every night, just choose the event which suits you. My suggestion, if you are a serious language learner is: try different of them, in order to find two or three events where you can feel at home and make some progress in your learning experience.

For example, I tried 2 events in Melbourne. Even if one of them was super fun, it did not give any results, because they were too many people and the place was getting too noisy. The second one was not so popular, indeed there were about 20 people, but I could have a better and deeper conversation with almost all of them.  As a teacher, I like going there and helping people. As a student,  it helps me  focusing  on few topics where I am  not so  confident.  And then, you can come back home and revise all new vocabulary and expressions that you have learnt at that night with your professional online tutor.

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