Live Lingua introduces a new video series aimed at helping introductory-level language learners gain the basics of the language they are hard at work trying to learn. Today’s video from Matteo Preabianca focuses on the Italian alphabet. If you’re looking to master the basics of each letter and understand its similarties and differences with the English counterpart, here is a great introduction. Matteo walks viewers through the letters of the Italian alphabet and introduces a handy object that begins with each letter. Specific emphasis is placed on the pronunciation of the letter, as he demonstrates through the use of the objects. For example, A is pronounced similar to how English speakers say ‘Ah.”

Matteo is one of Live Lingua’s top native Italian teachers, and this video makes it easy to see why – he certainly isn’t lacking personality. Schedule lessons with Matteo here, and become a master of the Italian alphabet in no time! Live Lingua offers a FREE trial lesson for every new student – sign up today!


Italian alphabet

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