letter z in italian

What is the deal with the letter ‘z’ in the Italian language? Why are there multiple forms of it, and what are the proper ways to use it? Live Lingua’s all-star Italian teacher Matteo Preabianca breaks it down in this video, setting you up for success in Italian pronunciation.

Matteo gets into detail on the hard ‘z’ and the soft ‘z.’ Both are pronounced ‘zed’ in Italian, just as a heads up so you aren’t confused right off the bat. It may be the last letter of the alphabet but the ‘Z’ is mighty important in Italian. Here is Matteo with a full explanation.

The Italian language is beautiful, romantic, and being able to speak it at even a basic level will make your trip to Italy (or even just your ability to impress others) that much better. Who knows — you might even meet someone that you otherwise wouldn’t have connected with.

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