entrepreneur-magazine-classicsLive Lingua has been chosen from among hundreds of America’s top companies as one of the 15  Entrepreneur360™’s “Classics” for 2015.  This is the first year that Entrepreneur Magazine has given this recognition, and Live Lingua is the only education company to win an award in this category.

The businesses in this category – a category comprised by financially conservative companies that seek customer input and feedback to help grow the business and serve customer needs – were  recognized for their dedication and focus to a customer-centric business model and their charitable work.

Those honored have identified a problem, come up with a unique solution, and bravely built their enterprises around it,” says Ryan Shea, president of Entrepreneur Media. “They’ve accomplished new ways of producing sustainable growth and are an inspiration to others who want to fulfill their own entrepreneurial goals.”

The winners were selected by the editors of Entrepreneur Magazine with the help of researchers at that University of Wisconsin. Following a review of hundreds of companies, a select group was invited to submit their data on market sector, sales territory, target growth rates, expansion planning, business process, culture and other company functions.   From an analysis of these data,  Entrepreneur Magazine compiled its list of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America for 2015.

The entire Live Lingua team is very excited to be numbered among the entrepreneurial elite in the United States,” says Raymond Blakney, CEO and Co-founder.  “With Live Lingua growing steadily year after year, we continue to make it our top priority to provide outstanding customer service and a best-in-class language learning experiences to our clients.

The researchers found that each of the companies reviewed fell into one of six general categories: Best Practicers, Data Champions, Controllers, Classics, Forward Thinkers and Contrarians.  It was also found that all the companies used different paths to achieve success.  The goal of the study was to highlight companies that Entrepreneur Magazine thought to “represent the individual strands in the fabric of American business.”

Live Lingua’s offices are located in Boston, Massachusetts and focus on providing personalized, private language tutoring via Skype by native speakers of each offered language, a list of offerings that currently includes English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese,  Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

For more information please visit: https://www.livelingua.com

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