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Romance Language vs. Romantic Language

Before diving into the business of communicating devotion to your sweetheart let’s start with making an important distinction between the romantic language and a Romance language. It is true that “romance” is the exciting warm feeling that we often associate with love.

Thus, affectionate expressions like gentle gestures and romantic phrases form part of the social tradition in every culture. However, the Romance languages are those which evolved from Vulgar Latin such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian, and they are also known as Romanic languages.

The Most Romantic Language

Now, which is the most romantic language in the world? You may wonder. Well, that depends who you are asking!

Some may say that when it comes to flaming sensual love Spanish holds the sexiest accent, especially when the words are passionately voiced by Penélope Cruz or Antonio Banderas.

But many also refer to the British accent as the most gallant and charming.

Some others would claim that Persian resembles Rumi’s profound poetry and there are even those who think Korean is quite attractive, with its worldly pronunciation styles and exotic aesthetic. However, it seems to be that French generally ranks as the top romantic language on the planet.

The Relationship between Language and Emotion

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But why do many people believe that French is the most romantic language? Is it because of its musicality?

French speech is regarded as euphonic, very pleasing to the ear. Or could it be that this widespread perception has more to do with the idea of romantic love that many people in the Western world have?

Some studies from Boston College on Language and the Perception of Emotion, suggest that language helps to form the emotional reality that we experience.

This means that words shape how we perceive the emotion in the other person and how we feel about that specific moment. Apparently, French speech enhances amorous sensations (and this helps creating a romantic mood!)

Paris is known as the City of Lights, which is frequently interpreted as a “glowing love hub”. The Eiffel Tower, its lively cafes, and picturesque cobbled streets are definitively good providers of romantic imagery!

Romantic Phrases in Different Languages

In any instance, the most romantic phrase of all times is “I love you”, which is always said (whispering or roaring) in the defining moment of actually confessing one’s love for the other person. In the chart below you can see the similarities amongst some of the Romance languages.

English I love you
Spanish Te amo
Italian Ti amo
French Je t’aime
Portuguese Eu te amo
German Ich liebe dich
Russian я люблю тебя
Arabic أحبك
Japanese 大好きです
Korean 사랑해
Chinese 我爱你

Languages may have their own effective words or sometimes they may have the same word but with dissimilar meanings. Federico Fellini, one of the greatest Italian filmmakers, once said that “a different language is a different vision of life”. Could it be that French words convey a more loving vision of our relationship?

Romantic Words for Your Beloved One

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Yep! Admittedly, deep inside we all fantasize with getting in on the French love act. Even marketers add French phrases to Valentine’s cards to boost their sales. Here are some French romantic words that you could learn to spark the passion. Once you’ve practiced these you just have to dress up for the part!

Love  L’amour
Beautiful Belle
My love Mon amour
My baby Mon bébé
Love of my life Amour de ma vie

Nonetheless, please beware that if you are dating a foreign person you should really try to learn their native language to win their heart over. Scientific evidence from the Psycholinguistics Laboratory from Boston University shows that words spoken in our first language come with a stronger emotional charge.

This is because languages learned at an early age and habitually used have a distinctive emotional resonance in our memory and therefore have a sturdier influence on how we feel in the present moment. So despite French being the most romantic language in the world, humans respond better when they are charmed in their native language.

Start learning another language today!

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