How To Curse In Italian

I’m not sure about you, but when I think of Italy I think of the food. I think of the romance of the old cities. I think of the charm of the Amalfi Coast and of passing afternoons on a café terrace overlooking the sea, or perhaps an old town square. The Italian language comes […]

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How To Curse In German

Over the course of your life, you’ll likely encounter a few opinion-based statements that are passed off as fact in mainstream society. ‘The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time,’ for instance, is a statement that is simply hard to argue even for those who aren’t fans of the band. […]

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Step by step and you will learn it!

    Recently, I was in a conference and some students asked me: Matteo, are there any steps we should follow to learn a foreign language properly?  I think about it. My conclusion is: there are no official steps to reach, for example, an intermediate level in a language. But, surely, there are some steps […]

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Live Lingua Tutors Helping Refugees Learn English

Live Lingua is giving back by helping refugees learn English. In the teaching world, there are ample opportunities for a professional to use their passion and skillset for the greater human good. Teacher Indie has highlighted this exemplary case of generosity with their new series, Online Teachers Making An Impact. Today, we’re highlighting an extraordinary partnership […]

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Watching video (for Advanced Learners)

In the previous article, we questioned if the potato couch method (aka lying down on a couch to watch passively movies or any kind of video in your target language, maybe eating junk food) helps your learning experience. We keep going here, focusing on advanced learners   Advanced Level If you use subtitles, use them […]

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How To Curse In Spanish

How to curse in Spanish Spanish is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable languages to curse in. Particularly for native English speakers. There is just something so immensely satisfying about shouting curse words, knowing that most of the people around you have no idea what you’re saying. I picked up a decent amount of Spanish […]

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Introductory Guide to Watching Videos for Language Learning

A typical mistake made by some language learners, at the beginning of their studies, is believe to this statement: if I start watching movies and TV series as much as I can I will speak a foreign language magically. Not at all! If you think so, I know you feel frustrated when you watch that […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Good Language Learning Habits

  Language learning success is all about building the right habits. If you build productive habits from day one, language learning becomes a lot easier. Of course, there are habits of things to do, and habits of things to avoid, so we’ve compiled a list of Do’s and a list of Don’t’s to help you […]

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Visiting Corinto, Nicaragua

A long time ago, in a different life, I worked aboard an ocean-going tug boat, the Falcon. Our crew personified “Southern American.” I was the youngest member of the crew by almost 10 years and had more formal education than anyone else on board. When we were tasked to haul a barge loaded with grain […]

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8 Tips to Stay Motivated When Learning A Language

When you’re learning a language, it’s important to stay motivated and keep putting in the work in order to see results. Here are some tips to help avoid overwhelm and stay motivated. Study the basic grammar. It’s important to understand the basic grammar to speak a language properly. You cannot avoid it, and if you […]

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