Visiting Corinto, Nicaragua

A long time ago, in a different life, I worked aboard an ocean-going tug boat, the Falcon. Our crew personified “Southern American.” I was the youngest member of the crew by almost 10 years and had more formal education than anyone else on board. When we were tasked to haul a barge loaded with grain […]

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8 Tips to Stay Motivated When Learning A Language

When you’re learning a language, it’s important to stay motivated and keep putting in the work in order to see results. Here are some tips to help avoid overwhelm and stay motivated. Study the basic grammar. It’s important to understand the basic grammar to speak a language properly. You cannot avoid it, and if you […]

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Experiences in Caen, France

I had been in France for all of 5 days. The language sounded like a series of snarls and grunts. A lot like the Cajun I had become familiar with while working on the Mississippi River and New Orleans. Paris had left a bad taste in my mouth; I was an American who didn’t speak […]

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A view on the language barrier

Not many people travel abroad. Those that do have almost certainly encountered the language barrier at some point. If they haven’t, they probably haven’t experienced much of the foreign country they are visiting or traveled to a place where English is the lingua franca. I have been humbled by my inability to communicate in man […]

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Shadowing: A Language Learning Method

    Ever heard of shadowing? This is a language learning technique used to improve pronunciation and to help you remember the words you are repeating. If you don’t have time to train yourself in pronunciation, I suggest trying this technique.     Shadowing In Short   Shadowing involves exact copying (like following a shadow), […]

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How to Learn Basic Korean

Korean ((한국어, 조선말, Hangugeo, Chosŏnmal)  is not only  the official language spoken in North and South Korea, but also in Yanbian, a Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China. It is a difficult and charming language, historically and culturally rich, and still debated where it comes from. If you are curious about the Korean world, follow these […]

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British English vs. American English: Key Differences to Learn

English is often considered one of the most practical foreign languages someone can learn, but when you decide to learn it, you also have to decide which English variant you’ll speak. The English language has several variants that have developed and evolved over the years, through domination and colonization. The most commonly used, and most commonly […]

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Spanish Cognates: Learn Spanish Fast With Words You Already Know

Think learning vocab is hard? If you’re learning one of the Romance languages like Spanish or French, lucky you, because odds are you already know hundreds of words in your target language. English words have been adopted into many languages over time, and it’s been happening more and more lately. This is called anglicism, which […]

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7 Chinese taboos (part 2)

  In the previous post, we talk about some Chinese taboos, here’s a few more: 4.Never say “我 不是 东西 (wǒ bú shì Dongxi)” This sentence will certainly confuse: the words “东 (Dong)” and “西 (xi)” mean east and west, right? True, but when we match them, they have a new meaning: “thing”. For example, […]

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7 Chinese Taboos

Everybody knows when you visit a foreign country you should adapt to the new environment. Of course, there will be some “weird” customs you are not familiar with. Let me help you to avoid naïve behavior. Among those, there is the large taboo topic. Some of them are pretty well known:  for example, eating with […]

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