Spanish Cognates: Learn Spanish Fast With Words You Already Know

Think learning vocab is hard? If you’re learning one of the Romance languages like Spanish or French, lucky you, because odds are you already know hundreds of words in your target language. English words have been adopted into many languages over time, and it’s been happening more and more lately. This is called anglicism, which […]

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7 Chinese taboos (part 2)

  In the previous post, we talk about some Chinese taboos, here’s a few more: 4.Never say “我 不是 东西 (wǒ bú shì Dongxi)” This sentence will certainly confuse: the words “东 (Dong)” and “西 (xi)” mean east and west, right? True, but when we match them, they have a new meaning: “thing”. For example, […]

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7 Chinese Taboos

Everybody knows when you visit a foreign country you should adapt to the new environment. Of course, there will be some “weird” customs you are not familiar with. Let me help you to avoid naïve behavior. Among those, there is the large taboo topic. Some of them are pretty well known:  for example, eating with […]

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Italian: Soft Z or Hard Z?

The Soft Z is usually written   as “long z” in phonetical dictionaries. It comes from latin, of course. Here are some examples: prandium – pranzo (lunch); radius – razzo (rocket). Here the Z with a soft sound: 1) when it is  followed by two vowels, but the first one is not an  “I”: zoo, zuavo […]

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Common mistakes when we learn a foreign language

When we learn a new language, we make a lot of mistakes. Below I have tried to gather briefly some concerns  about  how you should NOT learn a foreign language: 1) Not be a regular learner.You cannot learn a language if you are not constant. You learn some new words this week, then the next one […]

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Good Teacher=Happy Student

Many people think being a language teacher is easy. It is just enough speaking the language taught, meeting the student and doing some exercises together.  It is not like that at all.   Let’s see 7 important points:   Being on time. When you arrange a class you have to commit to it, we do […]

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How to improve your language communication skills

What do London, Melbourne and New York have in common? All of them are big cities with thousands  people  who live an  unrestrainable life.  The incredible variety of culture, people and ideas contributes to their beauty and charm. Nonetheless, It often looks like a “huge fast food , even in social relationships: you can meet […]

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Learning Language Virtually Anywhere (Part 2)

In my previous post I start with a Q&A about the benefits of teaching and learning online. Let’s continue on… Do you notice a difference between your online students and your face-to-face students? My online students are more independent and self-reliant. In a classroom, the teacher is always present, which makes students more likely to […]

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Learning Language Virtually Anywhere (Part 1)

Skype. Google Talk. WizIQ. iChat. These are names of online learning platforms more and more students are using to learn languages. For many international assignees, this style of training is a good alternative to face-to-face classes. But some clients remain unsure if online training is right for their employees. Here is my Q&A to explain […]

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Are you getting funny looks from native speakers of English?

 Do you find yourself getting funny looks from native speakers of English? Are you frustrated by all the times you’ve been asked to repeat yourself when you speak English to a native speaker? It is only natural for people who learn English as a foreign language to make mistakes when speaking. Not only do we […]

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