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Fifa World Cup Brasil 2014

Fifa World Cup Brasil 2014. Image source:

How exciting for Brazil! They are hosting the 20th FIFA World Cup in 2014. Copa do Mundo! It’s a big deal to host such a huge international athletic event in your home country. I am sure the Brazilians are very proud and happy they are hosting next year. Has your country hosted a World Cup before? Thousands of people flock across the world to attend this event. Who is going to Brazil to watch? Have you been studying up on your Portuguese? I hope so! There is nothing quite like participating in a game along with the locals. Check out some of the World Cup phrases so you and your new Brazilian buddies can chat about the game better.

First, who is your favorite football team? Are you confident they will win the World Cup? If so, just say, nós vamos vencer a Copa do Mundo! This means ‘We’re going to win the World Cup!’ However, you shouldn’t get too cocky, what happens if a defesa está recuando (the defense is appalling)? Your friends rooting for the other team might just make a gol (goal). Perhaps it foi um belo gol (was a great goal). If your team was close but didn’t make it, then you can say, deveria ter sido gol (that should have been a goal).

Next, when you’re watching the game and the other team get’s caught cheating or making a foul, have these phrases handy…

Foi uma falta violenta. – That was an obvious foul.

Foi toque de mão. – That was a handball.

Ele estava impedido! – He was offside!

Você roubou! – You cheated!

Foi pênalti! – That was a penalty!

Sometimes, the referee makes bad calls, perhaps your team thinks de jeito nenhum ele estava impedido (There was no way that was offside!). You can say O juiz é um idiota (The referee is an idiot.) but don’t let the referee hear you!

At primeiro tempo (half-time), you can talk about how the other team made a ataque violento (Dirty tackle)! And how o juiz foi influenciado (The referee is biased). Then, all you can do is just sit back and hope your team brings home the win.

When the game is getting good in the final minutes and your team just made a goal you can say, ele chuta e marca (he shoots, he scores)! While the other team might be saying, em que o goleiro está pensando (What is the goalkeeper thinking)!? As the game winds down to the last few minutes and people are really getting into it, just start shouting volta pra lá! Belo ataque! (Get in there! Great tackle!) Perhaps all your cheering on will do you some good and you can walk away saying nós ganhamos (We won)!

Hopefully you’re a bit more excited for the Copa do Mundo now that you have some new football phrases to throw out during the game. Now get out there, cheer on your team and ganhar esse jogo (win that game)!

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