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Romantic European City Paris France 2014

Eiffel Tower of the romantic European City Paris France. Image courtesy of

When it comes to romance, Europe has got it covered. With the majority of the most romantic cities concentrated in Western Europe, you can just call Europe ‘The Love Continent.’ Seriously! What cities do you think of when you think of love and romance? It’s in Europe isn’t it? See, Europe is really the spot for romance, but which cities are at the top of the list? Let’s take a look…


Paris is of course of this list. Is it getting cliché to mention Paris as a romantic city? Not at all. Everyone knows it’s a romantic city, you just can’t deny it. Unless Paris “get’s ugly” all of sudden, it will always top the lovers list of places to go. It’s the city of love and there is no denying it.


Seville is not only a romantic city, but it has true soul. The Moorish architecture, the horse-in-carriages, and sexy Spanish flamenco dancing all night will be enough to excite and romance any couple lucky enough to be here.


It’s no surprise that Italy is on this list. I mean after all, three of the most famous cities are considered the most romantic places on our planet!

Rome is the capital of the country and possibly of romance as well. It often makes it’s way to most lists when talking about love and romance. It has some of the most spectacular sites the country has to offer. There are even fountains for lovers to throw wishing coins in hoping their love will feel just like it does now forever.

Florence‘s Renaissance aura brings you to a place that you want to stay forever. It’s charming, beautiful and shares a wealth of sites perfect for two lovers. Especially with all the bridges adorning the city, there is a spot for a smooch nearly anywhere.

Venice is the most romantic of them all. It might be slowly sinking too so getting here soon to woo your loved one or enjoy your honeymoon might be a good idea. What person wouldn’t be heartfelt with a private little gondola ride down the scenic canals of Venice as your gondolier sings and rows through the fantastic architectural backdrop.

These three countries top the list of some of the most romantic. Which other cities are worth mentioning?

Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Prague, Kyoto, Lisbon, Jaipur, and Marrakech.

So which is your favorite from the list? Have you been to any of these places? Which of these place do you plan on bringing your significant other? Have you brought them to any of these places yet? You should certainly brush up on your Italian, French, and Spanish if you plan on heading to any of these countries soon.

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