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Although love has its unique universal language, if you are trying to conquer someone’s heart with a passionate Spanish spark, you may want to try out the following Castilian romantic phrases from around the world.

If you are wondering how to learn Spanish, romancing someone is a great way to start.

Basic Pick-up Lines in Spanish

These basic Spanish phrases will help you to greet people, break the ice, and start small talk.

spanish pick up lines

Flattering Romantic Spanish Phrases

These romantic Spanish phrases will help you to sweet-talk the one you are in love with.

Spanish Love Phrases

When you are ready to confess your feelings make use of any of the following expressions. Remember the use of feminine and masculine so pick the right choice accordingly.

Estoy enamorado/enamorada – I am in love

How to Say “I LOVE YOU” in Spanish

Below you can see different ways to say ‘I love you’ in Spanish.

To answer back:

When in doubt, just ask:

These are some possible answers:

Tell Someone How Special They Are in Spanish

i love you in spanish

All these romantic phrases in Spanish start with ‘you are’ regardless if you are talking to a man or a woman, but keep in mind that the adjectives should correspond to the gender.

special in spanish

Eres la dueña de mis quincenas – No direct translation.

Note: In México working men usually get paid every two weeks, this payment is referred to as ‘quincena’. ‘Dueña’ means ‘owner’. This phrase is used to express that a woman owns a man’s heart and wallet!

The Big Questions

flirting in spanish

If you are sure and feel confident to pop the big question practice these phrases.

Romantic Spanish Phrases for Beginners

Una promesa de amor’ is the promise of eternal love.

More Spanish Love Phrases

In case you need more ways to express your love have a look that these Spanish love phrases.

Spanish Love Phrases For Women

Here we tell you how to call your Spanish lady in a loving way.

In some Latin American countries like Mexico it is common to call girlfriends by using adjectives such as ‘gorda’ (fat), ‘flaca’ (skinny), ‘chica’ (small) or ‘chaparra’ (short).

Which, when directly translated to English, may seem like an offense. However, these are very popular and are usually expressed with the diminutive ‘ita’, pronounced with a tender intonation as a show of true love.


Spanish Love Quotes

romantic spanish phrases

These are amont the most famous Spanish love quotes:

“Of all the risks that have run for you, the only one that has never run is the one of not having done it”.

Angeles Mastretta , Mal de amores

“Love has a thirst for the absolute. I do not mean his possessive character, but the need to share everything and know the other, as far as that is possible. “

Juan Villoro , Conference on rain 

“Love as you can, love who you can, love everything you can. Do not worry about the purpose of your love. “

Loved nerve

“I’m not afraid of anything, but I still can not explain myself because I tremble every time I see you.”

Jaime Sabines

“There are things that we feel in the skin, others that we see with the eyes, others that no longer beat us in the heart.”

Carlos Fuentes

“For the one who really loves, absence does not exist properly. He always carries within himself the absent person, and he knows that being far away is something transitory. That the affect on the other hand is constant “

Juan José Arreola

“(Love) is not a physical remedy, it is not a vaccine: it is a paradigm, an ideal of life founded on freedom and on delivery”

Octavio Paz,  The double flame

“Think of your look and my forgetting leaving the thought dilated through your eyes”.

Ali Chumacero,  The forgotten thought

“Let’s see if someday my fingers touch yours … Incandescent tuna. Eagle without wings, Serpent of stars, Here it touched us. What can we do. In the most transparent region of the air”.

Here are a few more ways to woo the object of your affection:

Read some love poems from Mexican poet Amado Nervo.

Look at 20 love quotes from great Spanish speaking writers.

Piropos’ are witty compliments in Castilian, generally addressed to women that you need to know about. Check out these popular piropos from Spain and these piropos from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

If you are keen to read poetry in Spanish check out the work of any of these great Hispano American poets: Gabriela Mistral (Chile), Pablo Neruda (Chile), Amado Nervo (México), Antonio Machado (España), Federico García Lorca (España), Francisco de Quevedo (España), Jaime Sabines (México), Rubén Darío (Nicaragua), Mario Benedetti (Uruguay), José Martí (Cuba), Miguel de Unamuno (España), and Julio Cortázar (Argentina).

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