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We are just days away from the XXII Olympic Winter Games when athletes from all over the world will gather in Sochi, Russia to compete. Historically, the Olympics has been a way for countries to unite in a peaceful and inspiringly competitive environment. The last time the Olympic games were held in Russia was in 1980 when Moscow was chosen for the Summer Olympics.

In my experiences working and traveling with Russians, I have found them to be an incredibly patriotic people. The Russians I met were overwhelmingly proud of their country and excited to see it build and grow into a significant world player. I am just as excited to see this great country on my television screen once again as I am to view amazing athletic performances.

The Sochi games will be the most expensive games in Olympics history. It is estimated that Russia spent $51 billion on the games, much of which was spent creating 11 new venues. The games will also showcase 12 new events, with the most press surrounding the addition of a Women Ski Jumpers into the competition. From the few pictures available online, the newly created venues are eye candy – truly breathtaking!

The city of Sochi also has an interesting climate. It is a subtropical resort town that is known for mild temperatures (by Russian standards). Russia actually brought in snow machines from Finland just in case temperatures rise too high and snow begins to melt.With picturesque views of the Black Sea, the city remains a favorite vacation spot for Russians and an average of 2 million tourists each summer.

As we prepare for the Olympics, set our DVR’s and get ready to cheer on our favorite athletes, let’s review a little bit of Russian that might come in handy as you are watching the games:


Winter Olympic Games: Зимние Олимпийские игры (Zimniye Olimpiyskiye igry)

Sochi: сочи (sochi)

Hello: Привет! (Privyet!)

Good Morning: доброе утро (dobroye utro)

Welcome!: Добро пожаловать! (Dobro pozhalovat’!)

Congratulations: Поздравляю (Pozdravlyayu)

Athlete: атлет (atlyet)

Awesome: отлично (otlichno)

Competition: конкуренция (konkurentsiya)

Team:  команда (komanda)

Schedule: программа (programma)

Snow: снег (sneg)

Judges: Книга Судей (Kniga Sudey)

Athletic Events:

Bobsleigh: бобслей (bobsleigh)

Skiing: катание на лыжах (kataniye na lyzhakh)

Ice Hockey: хоккей с шайбой (khokkey s shayboy)

Luge: тобогган-одиночка (toboggan-odinochka)

Figure Skating: фигурное катание (figurnoye kataniye)

Curling: керлинг (kerling)

Snowboard: сноуборд (snoubord)


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