Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas

Any one of my friends would tell you, I love food. I have always been a good eater, and never had issues as a child. I’m not even a picky eater. All I know is, I love food and Spanish food is one my favorites. I just spent two years in Thailand and I am back in the US for a visit, and Spanish cuisine is on the top of my list of things to eat. The Spaniards make some amazing food, so when I go out to eat, I always want to try everything. That’s why I love, love, LOVE, tapas. How can anyone go wrong with tapas? You get a bit of everything. Have you tried tapas before? Let’s take a look back and see how these delicious little plates came about…

Translating to “cover” the tapa came about when an ill King Alfonso of Spain was only able to eat in small increments throughout the day. He drank a bit of wine and downed only a small plate of food at a time. When he finally came around and was well again, he had the bright idea of making it a rule that people who want to drink wine on his land must also have something small to eat. This was a wise decision by the king because many poor people in the area didn’t have enough for food and would rather spend their money on drinking on an empty stomach, and thus becoming sick.

This is only one theory as to where the tapas came about. Another tale is about the farmers in Spain needing to take food to work and only taking a small amount of it with them so they could easily carry it. Also, a large heavy meal would make them tired for the rest of the day, so the smaller plates were ideal for this reason as well. One of the best parts about tapas, is that wine was almost always involved.

So now what about ordering tapas? What do you order? Do you know any tapas dishes in Spanish? Let’s take a look..

Here are some words to help you order tapas and wine.

Ponme un una copa de vino, por favor

I’ll have a glass of wine, please

Qué va a tomar?

What are you going to have?

Vamos a tomar una botella de vino

We are going to have a bottle of wine

Quiero una tapa de …..

I would like a tapa of ….

So what kind of tapas can you order? Pretty much anything and everything you can think of. When my friends and I go out to eat, here are some of the tapas we regularly order and of course, share. After all, that’s the best part.

Aceitunas y almendras marcona

Marinated spanish olives and marcona olives

Quesos de espana con membrillo

Three spanish cheeses: mahon, drunken goat, and iberico with quince paste

Pan con tomate

Bread with tomato emulsion garlic and olive oil


 Roasted vegetables, olive oil, sea salt, mahon cheese, piquillo pepper sauce

Tortilla de patatas y cebolla con chorizo

Potato and onion omelette, grilled chorizo, cumin aioli (I get mine without chorizo!)

Espinacas a la catalana

Wilted spinach, olive oil, raisins, pine nuts, tomatoes, sea salt

Patatas bravas

Fried potatoes with salsa brava

Queso nevat con higos y nueces

Nevat cheese, figs, walnuts, on toast with truffle oil

Ensalada de rucula con queso menchego

Arugula salad, manchego cheese, green apples, ginger, sherry vinaigrette

Filloas de verdura

Crepes stuffed with roasted vegetables, idiazabal cheese sauce

Paella vegetariana

Bomba rice, seasonal vegetables, saffron

Wow, I am hungry for tapas now. What do you think? Would you try any of these dishes? What other tapas do you enjoy? Do you like to share your food with your friends? Could you order all these little plates in Spanish? Let’s hear what you have to say about these scrumptious little plates!

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