best way to learn russian

Learning Russian is like picking up a new habit. You’re not quite sure how to go about it, you’re nervous, and intimidated that it won’t go well.

This guide will walk you through a few basic strategies, though the best way to learn Russian often varies from person to person depending on your learning type.

Whichever method is best for you, part of learning a new language comes down to repetition. You want to immerse yourself in the Russian language. To familiarize yourself with common greetings in Russian and verb tense, stuff that you can’t get by without.

Work one-on-one with a native Russian speaker

The absolute best way to learn Russian is to speak it. Since you don’t know the language, this sounds trickier than it actually is. but this is where immersive Russian lessons come in.

A native Russian speaker trained in teaching the language can speak one-on-one with you at your level and pace. They’ll work with you to progress, and because it’s only you and the teacher, there’s no intimidation or pressure. 

Live Lingua offers private lessons with a native Russian speaker.

Our platform is developed from over ten years of experience behind the best immersive language learning platform online, and another 10+ years of in-person teaching before that. 

The first lesson is free — learn more here!

Memorize the need-to-know common sentences

Getting a grip on greetings and common Russian phrases is essential if you’re traveling to Russia. In most cases, you’ll need to at least use a formal greeting in restaurants, hotels, the airport, taxis, and other social settings, even in places where a person might speak English. 

Once you break the initial barrier of introduction, communication flows more freely. But you definitely want to be able to say ‘hello’ and ‘excuse me.’


Make Russian media part of your daily life

Russian television, music, and film can be engaging, flamboyant, and fun — or they can be the exact opposite.

Either way, the way the Russian language is used in media is the most natural and straightforward way of speaking Russian. It is the way Russians talk, primarily in the formal setting, and how they are used to hearing their language presented.

Try and download a few podcasts or episodes in Russian. Start with our personal favorite, News in Slow Russian.

Then move on to Russian movies, television, and music.

We also have a free tool for you — our Live Lingua Project, and it’s loaded with free materials to help you study Russian. 

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