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China's Great Wall

The Great Wall of China. Image Courtesy of

The Great Wall of China, or in Chinese, 长城 (Chángchéng) which simply means ‘Long Wall,’ is perhaps one of the most famous destinations on Earth! Who hasn’t heard of this place? It is pretty spectacular and perhaps one of the most iconic travel destinations.

The Chinese have something really special here. What an impressive structure. Each country has something special, famous, amazing or maybe even world-recognized. What’s that place for your country? We would love to hear about it.

Today we are discussing the epic destination of The Great Wall of China. How did it come about?

The Great Wall is actually smaller segments of walls all put together. After a slow start with these segments the actual start of construction was recognized during the Ming Dynasty around 1388-1644 CE. The wall was erected by thousands of men using stones and earth. The wall was made to protect the people against the Hsiung Nu tribe. These nomadic people were from the Northern part of China. It later proved to be unsuccessful because it was never completed.

The massive wall stretches for about 8,851.8 km (5,500 miles)! As if that is not a feat in itself the wall soars 25 feet high in the air providing around 12 feet of width at the top. Enough room to handle the 10 million + tourists that come every year to visit this magnificent structure. The Wall is the most visited spot in the country of China today and has been here for around two and half thousand years.

It has been named by UNESCO as one of the world’s most historical sites. It is the longest man made structure on our planet and is said to perhaps resemble a dragon.

The rich history and exciting wonder of this wall captivates many. Have you been there? Would you like to go? It’s on my very long of places to go, that’s for sure. I need to brush up on my Chinese before I go though!

建筑 (jiànzhù) building

险峻 (xiǎnjùn) steep

爬 (Pá) climb

扣人心弦 (Kòurénxīnxián) exciting

走 (Zǒu) walk

你 登 过 长城 吗?(Nǐ dēng guò Chángchéng ma?

Have you climbed the Great Wall?

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