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Bilingual jobs in New York and around the United States tend to prefer Spanish language and French skills. If you are looking for a bilingual career or are considering learning a new language to boost your career by taking Spanish courses, here’s a quick look at some of the top jobs for bilingual candidates along with the average annual salaries of each:

Social Worker ($42,000 U.S.)

A social worker is involved in personal details of a client’s life. If he or she can communicate in the heart language of the family or individual that is being treated, it gives them an edge over other candidates. This is a career path for anyone with a heart and commitment to serve others.

Translator ($42,000 U.S.)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for interpreters and translators is growing at a much faster rate than average. They expect by 2020 that the demand for translators will increase by 42%. If your goal is language mastery then a translator is the job for you.

Human Resources Specialist ($52,000 U.S.)

Human Resource Specialists are responsible for finding, hiring and training employees. The ability to speak multiple languages is an asset during the interview and training processes, particularly for companies that hire workers for manufacturing or manual labor.

Teacher ($52,000 U.S.)

With the constant stream of immigrants that come to America a bilingual educator is a step ahead of other candidates. In addition, more schools are teaching foreign languages to younger children causing the demand for foreign language teachers across all levels of education to rise.

Immigration Specialist ($60,000 U.S.)

An immigration specialist helps foreign citizens with the many aspects of entering the United States legally. The ideal candidate will speak multiple languages and can target specific people groups to aid in the task of immigration.

Flight Attendant ($65,000 U.S.)

While this might seem an odd industry to appeal to bilingual candidates, more than ever flight attendants need to communicate with low-level English speakers on both Domestic and International flights. If an attendant has the ability to speak with a diverse range of passengers, it increases the safety and understanding of everyone onboard.

Nurses ($67,000 U.S.)

When an individual is in need of medical care, stress and anxiety levels are high, especially if English is not their first language. A bilingual or multilingual nurse is invaluable in the process of treating illnesses and following up for long-term care.

Investment Banker ($88,000 U.S.)

Investment Banker’s have been described as “traveling money salesmen” and perhaps that’s not too far from the truth. Companies hire men and women who are good at selling to find potential investors who are willing to buy stock and fund companies. An investment banker that can reach out to international clients will likely have a long and successful career.

Risk Manager ($99,000 U.S.)

A Risk Manager identifies weaknesses within a company that could bring potential risk (either monetary or physical). If a company hires many low-level English workers then a bilingual Risk Manager is helpful to accurately gather input from employees when assessing potential dangers.

Marketing Director ($120,000 U.S.)

Particularly for individuals that can speak fluent Spanish, a Marketing Director is a great career option. It is the Marketing Director’s job to make sure that products are selling. As minority groups continue to rise in buying power a Marketing Director that can communicate and understand non-English buyers is an asset to a company.

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