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Podcasts are all the rage these days. No matter what you’re into, odds are there’s at least one good podcast about it. For language learners, there are a number of different podcasts that tackle mastering a new language from just about every angle possible.

Whether you’re a college student doing a semester abroad, a professional looking to take their career overseas, or are learning a new language just because you want to gain a better understanding of a new culture.

Here at Live Lingua, we live and breathe language learning — it’s our whole reason for being here on the web, after all. These five podcasts are the ones our staff turn to when they need a new tip for a language they’re working on or a dose of laughter from a good travel story.

We hope you’ll enjoy these language learning podcasts as much as we do!

The Fluent Show

the fluent show

The Fluent Show podcast is hosted by Kerstin Cable, founder of the Fluent Language blog and toolkit, and Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages, who also hosts her own podcast (mentioned below).

Kerstin gets specific in each episode about one topic, doing a deep dive on things like mastering basic vocabulary or how to dissect film and TV dialogues in other languages.

It’s the type of show that you’ll want to download and listen to more than once, perhaps with a pen and pad to take some notes, as each episode is a knowledge bomb.

As you listen to the way she breaks down the topics, it’ll begin to click in your head, but unless you’re somewhere where you can run through language learning material right away you’ll want to keep the info around for later.

Plus, a few episodes talk about Live Lingua and our immersive language lessons, so maybe we’re a little biased — but all of Kerstin’s episodes are worth a listen as this is one of the most actionable language learning podcasts out there.

The Actual Fluency Podcast

actual fluency podcast

On The Actual Fluency Podcast, Kris Broholm talks with polyglots and leaders from across the language learning space about the tips and tricks that have worked for them.

Kris does a great job of bringing relatable stories and humor into his show, in a way that helps to break through common barriers that many people face when trying to learn a new language.

Throughout the 100+ episodes Kris has touched on just about every language learning technique out there and had professionals share their thoughts on them, which is super helpful if you’re just starting out with learning a new language and aren’t sure which techniques will best work for you.

Language Stories Podcast

language stories podcast

Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages, one of the most prolific language learning blogs on the web, recently began sharing her tips and strategies she’s used in route to becoming a globally known polyglot via Language Stories, one of the most engaging language learning podcasts.

If you love to travel and are into learning languages as personal development, not just for work, school, or another mandated purpose, Language Stories is a great listen. It’s inspiring and whimsical, full of personal tales and lighthearted takes on successes and the setbacks that occurred along the way.

The Allusionist Podcast

the allusionist podcast

The Allusionist podcast is a bit different than the others on this list, as it can’t be specifically categorized among language learning podcasts. That said, it’s equally informative and actionable if you’re trying to master the English language, in particular. Its tagline is “Small adventures in language with Helen Zaltzman,” and an adventure is exactly what you’ll find in each episode.

Lessons are formatted to dive into language and words, usually around a specific theme such as superhero names, tattoos, or just about anything where the word or language used holds a backstory to the significance of the thing/object/person/event/etc. in question.

For language learners, actionable takeaways stem from a better understanding of root words and the origins of phrases. It’s not specifically about language learning, but language nerds are sure to get a kick out of it.

I Will Teach You A Language

i will teach you a languge

Olly Richards knows a thing or two about language learning. After all, he speaks eight languages. His podcast, I Will Teach You A Language, dives into topics like learning a language when you’re too busy, tips for reading in a new language, and how to use factors like culture, grammatical similarities, and more to your advantage during the learning process.

The guests Olly features are all polyglot wizzes themselves, and he typically brings them on to highlight one specific factor of the learning process which he feels outside expertise is necessary. The show airs roughly every week.

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