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When we think of language learning, we often think of school requirements that one needs to graduate. A huge industry outside of the academic setting is business men and women that are learning language to further their career. In this world of language learning, picking the right language often involves a strategic business move, as opposed to a love for a particular language.

Here are some recommendations for the top languages to learn for International Business purposes:

Top Languages To Learn For International Business

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1. Mandarin Chinese

According to the Nomad Capitalist, there are only 10 million people in China who speak English versus the over one billion people who live in China. Anytime over one billion people speak a language, you would be wise to pay attention! As China continues to become a global business leader, learning to speak Mandarin will put you a step ahead of the game.

2. Korean

More than 80 million people speak Korean all around the world. More than the amount of people, business analysts continue to include South Korea as a global force to be reckoned with as the country continues to grow and yields strategic influence all over the world. Korean is now the world’s 14th largest economy which is a huge feat considering the economic history of the country.

3. Spanish

As much as we focus on Asian countries when it comes to language learning, knowing Spanish is still a great asset for any business person. There are over 400 million Spanish speakers in the world and Latin America alone has an estimated GDP of 5.6 trillion dollars. Whether you are seeking business within North America or outside its borders, Spanish will serve you well.

When learning a language for business, you can’t assume that simply having a second language is your golden ticket to a great job. Often the language that you choose plays just as much of an important role. These are simply three of our suggestions, but the best thing you can do is research countries of influence within your particular industry. Once you discover the best language to further your career, dig in and experience the enjoyment of language learning!

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