Publish Date: August 26, 2014      Author: melissa.bailey

bohol-alona-beachWith all of the amazing places in the world to visit, one cannot possibly expect to learn all of the languages it would take to get there! Even though we focus on language learning at Live Lingua, we also focus on our love of traveling and experiencing new sounds and sites.

While it would be wonderful to always know the native language of a country prior to visiting, sometimes we just don’t have the time, brain power or need to master a language to enjoy its country of origin. If you’ve got the travel bug but don’t feel like adding a new language into the mix, here are some cities around the world where English is widely spoken:

1.  South Africa

While it is true that people in South Africa do speak a form of English known as South African English, be prepared to have some struggles when trying to understand and decipher what they are saying. Because the country relies heavily on its tourism industry, they try to make it as easy as possible for tourists to get around and find the services that they need.

2.  Philippines

In 1898 the United States established a military government in the Philippines. This brought the English language to the Philippines and throughout the years the country has continued to make English learning a high priority. If you do visit the Philippines, you will find English will serve you well in most major cities, especially Manila.

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg has long been trying to establish itself as an ideal tourist location for European travelers. One of the reasons it continues to remain popular is the accessibility of the English language throughout the city. From the shops to the ticket booths to the hotels, staff tend to have high levels of English comprehension.

4. Singapore

In 1824 Britain became the sovereign ruler over the Singapore islands. Even though they broke from British rule in 1963, the influence of the English language during this time period continues to influence life and business in the country today. Singapore has the third largest per capita income in the world and is home to a diverse group of native and international residents.

5.  Denmark

Even though Danish is the official language of Denmark, English is taught beginning in primary school. Like many European cities that rely heavily on tourism, all major tourist attraction signage is clearly marked in English and most sites will have English speakers on staff who can help out tourists.

Being able to speak English is a blessing when looking for a great vacation spot as opportunities truly abound! Even though we always recommend learning a little bit of the native language, you can still enjoy a wonderful holiday without becoming a language master. Good luck on planning your travel…and don’t forget to send over some pictures along the way!

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