verb conjugation in italian

Understanding basic vocabulary and verb conjugation in Italian is an essential part of having the best experience possible on a visit to the country (or even just having a conversation with someone who speaks the language).

Here, Live Lingua Italian teacher Luisa walks us through basic verb conjugation in Italian. Her lesson is set with English translation, making memorization a breeze, and she covers exactly how to conjugate verbs in a variety of scenarios.

Even grasping a small bit of the Italian language and having basic knowledge of customs and traditions will make the trip more enjoyable and interactive.

As you work on building your Italian language skills, try to engage with Italian speakers and media whenever possible. Movies, music, and television programs — even short clips on YouTube — can really help you pick up the subtleties of the language.

Stop by Live Lingua’s YouTube channel for more helpful videos from our professional Italian instructors. We update each Wednesday and offer a number of videos to help with the basics of Italian, along with more than 130 other languages.

To dive even further into the Italian language, check out the extensive collection of Italian courses and lessons offered on the Live Lingua Project — our free study collection of Italian instructional videos, courses, workbooks, and audio files. The Live Lingua Project also features study materials for more than 130 other languages spoken worldwide.

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