Publish Date: September 4, 2013      Author: Nina R

English SlangIf you really want to talk like a native English speaker, then slang words will come into play for sure! While we don’t use these words during an interview or any kind of professional setting, we most certainly use them all the time during our everyday talk. Here’s a few of the most common American slang words that you will surely hear when speaking to any American. Here are two mini conversation with tons of slang thrown in. Do you know any of them already? Have you used some of them before? Take a look…


  • Hey, have you studied for the exam?
  • No, not yet, I need to crash (go to sleep because of your exhausted), my head hurts.
  • No way! We need to cram (study frantically for a test) for it, it’s tomorrow at 8am! You can’t blow it off (avoid something/someone).
  • What’s the point in studying? I’m going to bomb (be unsuccessful) it anyway.
  • Don’t cop out (not face the issue) now, the semester is almost done.
  • Can’t I just sit next to you and copy?
  • Not a chance, I’m not getting busted (get caught by authority of doing something wrong) because you’re lazy.
  • I’m burned out (exhausted), I just don’t care anymore.
  • So, you’re just going to give up (to quit)? Just like that?
  • Yea, just cut it out (stop it), I don’t care about the test. I’m dead (tired). Goodnight.


  • Hey, what’s up (what are you doing/what’s taking place)? How was your date last night?
  • What date? He totally stood me up (to be left waiting for someone doesn’t arrive)!
  • Oh wow, tough luck (sorry that happened to you). What a jerk (obnoxious person/someone who can’t do things correctly).
  • I know, I’m fed up (disgust or tired with) with guys right now. Let’s go do something.
  • Want to go hang out (waste time/ go to a regular meeting spot) at the mall?
  • Yea sure, I think I need a drink too.
  • Alright, but don’t get totally loaded (have too much to drink). You have work tomorrow.
  • Oh, loosen up (relax)! I’ll go bananas (get excited, loose control) if I want to.
  • Alright, whatever, here is your drink. The bartender felt bad for you so he said it’s on the house (free, no cost).
  • Awesome (very cool, good, appealing)! This day is turning out alright after all. I think I have a crush (infatuated, to really like someone) on the bartender.


Try some of these slang words out with your teacher and see if you can sound just like an American! At least get some practice in so when you visit the US you’re not confused when someone says any of these super common English slang words.














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