/// Free Mandarin Chinese Course Online: Chinese Basics 1

This Mandarin Chinese course is the first in a 9 part course that focuses on teaching you the communicative aspects of the Chinese language (speaking and listening). The dialect of Chinese used is the kind spoken around Beijing and the larger cities on the east coast. While it will be understood all over the country, each region in China has its own idiosyncrasies. Once you finish this first part, you can continue by with Chinese Basics 2.

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Chinese Basics 1 Audios

  • Unit 1 - Lesson 1
  • Unit 1 - Lesson 2
  • Unit 1 - Lesson 3
  • Unit 2 - Lesson 1
  • Unit 2 - Lesson 2
  • Unit 2 - Lesson 3
  • Unit 3 - Lesson 1
  • Unit 3 - Lesson 2
  • Unit 3 - Lesson 3
  • Unit 4 - Lesson 1
  • Unit 4 - Lesson 2
  • Unit 4 - Lesson 3
  • Quiz
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Find out what our Chinese students have said about their learning experiences at Live Lingua.

Chinese Student Testimonials

  • It took Live Lingua to make one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn easy and fun. Thank you very much.

    Eric W.
  • If you want to learn [Mandarin] Chinese, then you have to take classes with a native Chinese tutor. There is really no alternative, and Live Lingua is the best at what they do.

    Samantha L.
  • Excellent curriculum, class preparation and support. Live Lingua is the BEST online language learning service on the internet.

    Viviann N.
  • No doubt, this is THE way to learn [Mandarin] Chinese.

    Anton D.
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