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Why are we so confident that you will like your Chinese learning experience at Live Lingua Chinese? This is because we have already worked with hundreds of Chinese students from around the world. They have had different Chinese levels and professional backgrounds. And with them we have had hundreds of happy students. Would you like to be one of them? You can try us risk free.

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"The key to learning Chinese is to not only understand the pronunciation with all the tones but also understand the culture. That is really the key to being able to communicate since China is such a large country with different norms. Thankfully Live Lingua gave me a teacher that was from the region I visited regularly for work, so she was able to really help me out with everything I needed. I am very grateful for your assistantce and look forward to working with Live Lingua for a long time to come." Dairin N. - Plant Manager
"If you want to learn [Mandarin] Chinese, then you have to take classes with a native Chinese tutor. There is really no alternative, and Live Lingua is the best at what they do. Excellent curriculum, class preparation and support. Live Lingua is the BEST online language learning service on the internet." Vivian N. - Designer
"What a great idea and service. My takes me all over Asia, but I am based out of Beijing. The problem is that all my coworkers speak English, so between them and my travelling I am not able to learn Chinese. But with my Skype lessons I can have class consistently. You guys rock!" Jenny C. - Aid Worker
"Short of going to an Chinese speaking country and living there Live Lingua is the best method I have found to learn Chinese. Don't waste your time with the software like Rosetta Stone, and start taking live classes with a teacher." Shahana M. - Aid Worker
"It took Live Lingua to make one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn easy and fun. Thank you very much." Eric W. - Pharmacist
"My Chinese teacher is cool. I love my Chinese lessons!" Ryan M. - 4th Grader
"No doubt, this is THE way to learn [Mandarin] Chinese." Anton D. - Casino Manager