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  • Jessica Lin Profile Photo Jessica Lin From: Taiwan

    Jessica was born and raised in Taiwan. Although her major was accounting, Jessica realized early on that she had a niche for teaching. Her love of learning languages compelled her to pursue a teaching career. She has worked as a teacher since...

    Meet Jessica
  • Samantha Chang Profile Photo Samantha Chang From: Taiwan

    Samantha has been teaching Chinese since 2000 and always loves to try different ways to help her students to learn Chinese. She loves traveling and likes to visit every bridge on the way. She also loves to play squash with friends and have fun...

    Meet Samantha
  • Jinsheng Lu Franks Profile Photo Jinsheng Lu Franks From: China

    Jinsheng Lu (who goes by Lulu in English) is originally from southern China and now lives in the US. She is fluent in Mandarin as well as the local dialects of both Du’an and Guilin. She earned her Bachelors in English in 2012 and has a...

    Meet Jinsheng
  • Irene Han Qijin Profile Photo Irene Han Qijin From: China

    Han Qijin, who goes by Irene, was born in Mainland China and finished her bachelor's degree in Macau. Her spoken Mandarin and written Chinese are both excellent. She has earned several awards for her written Chinese, such as the competition “...

    Meet Irene
  • Larry Li Profile Photo Larry Li From: China

    Li Ling, whose English name is Larry Li, is a professional linguist working with both Chinese and English. After graduation with English Specialty in Beijing, he started his career as a translator, interpreter, editor, and Mandarin Teacher....

    Meet Larry
  • Ashley Tian Profile Photo Ashley Tian From: China

    Bing (who also goes by Ashley) was born and raised in China. She graduated from Zhengzhou University and specialized in the field of teaching. She has worked as a Mandarin teacher since 2010. She has lots of experience in teaching all of the...

    Meet Ashley
  • Li Daniel Shili Profile Photo Li Daniel Shili From: China

    Shili is 34 years old and is from Southwest China---Chengdu, the hometown of Panda. He is a professional Mandarin teacher and has rich teaching experience. He has been teaching Mandarin since 2008 both in Thailnd and USA. He taught Mandarin to...

    Meet Li Daniel
  • Linyun Bai Profile Photo Linyun Bai From: China

    Ms Bai Linyun, who goes by Vivi, was born in China and currently lives in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen. She has been teaching English and Chinese as second languages to elementary, middle, and high school students since 2014. Her...

    Meet Linyun
  • Tianming Luo Profile Photo Tianming Luo From: China

    Hi! I am David (Chinese name: Tianming Luo). I graduated from Tsinghua University, which is the best university in China. I've been teaching for 3 years and helped most of my students pass their HSK exams or become effective readers and speakers...

    Meet Tianming
  • Li Hui, Moon Hsiao Profile Photo Li Hui, Moon Hsiao From: Taiwan

    Hello my name is Li-Hui and I am from Taiwan. I enjoy listening to music, practicing Chinese calligraphy and traveling. I'm a volunteer mom and go to the elementary school library to tell stories to the students. I started teaching Chinese...

    Meet Li Hui, Moon
  • Jie Veresova Profile Photo Jie Veresova From: China

    Jie Veresova is an adventurous Chinese girl with a traveler's spirit. She has a Bachelor degree in English literature, but she had been working as a Chinese teacher for over 3 years in the Czech Republic. She has been working with students of...

    Meet Jie
  • David Xu Profile Photo David Xu From: China

    David is a certified Confucius Institute teacher (HSK & HSKK wise). He has taught many foreign students and has a lot of experience in teaching Chinese Mandarin. He is familiar with foreign students’ difficulties, so he can tailor a learning...

    Meet David
  • Lavene Xi Wang Profile Photo Lavene Xi Wang From: China

    Lavene is friendly, cheerful and patient. She has been teaching one to one English in China for 8 years, and one to one Chinese in Canada for 12 years. Her rich experience in teaching students from diverse cultures has been her distinctive...

    Meet Lavene Xi
  • Y. A. Nien Profile Photo Y. A. Nien From: Taiwan

    Ms. Nien has many years of experience in teaching languages as a trained linguist. She is interested in languages, culture, traveling, music, books, games, movies, and food. She has always learned a lot from her students and becomes friends with...

    Meet Y. A.
  • Wendy Zuo Qun Profile Photo Wendy Zuo Qun From: China

    Miss Zuo Qun who goes by her English name, Wendy, is a native Mandarin speaker who was born and raised in China. She is an English Major graduate of Guizhou Minzu University in Guiyang, Province of Guizhou, and passed the highest National...

    Meet Wendy
  • Changying Yan Profile Photo Changying Yan From: China

    Changying Yan has been committed to her higher education since she graduated from high school in 1993. Her relevant educational qualifications include a Bachelors of Arts in Education that she attained from Capital Normal University in Beijing,...

    Meet Changying

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