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Sunny's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
12 Years
Sunny has been teaching Chinese as a second language since 2008.
Languages Spoken
2 Languages
In addition to being a native Chinese speaker they also speak: English (Intermediate-high)


My name is Dang Yanfen and my English name is Sunny Dang. I’m a professional teacher for kids, flexible, easy-going, patient and friendly. I love children and have 5 years experience with them. I can design individualized curriculum or courses based on each kid's interests , goals and personalities. I'm passionate about teaching. I always adapt myself and my lessons to my students. I love gardening, cooking, history, economics ,psychology and philosophy. If you want your kid(s) take formal but enjoyable ,interactive and engaging lessons, please contact me. I would like to help and inspire them love my language and culture.

Demo Videos and lessons.
I have demo videos for all the ages and levels. Please feel free let me know if you want to see a demo.

* If you want me to teach your kid(s), Please kindly tell me your kid(s) name(s), age, and hobbies before you book a lesson with me.
*Please kindly test your Internet connection, audio and video before you book a lesson. A stable connection is recommended.

Her Current Time Zone is:
(GMT +8:00) Asia/Hong_Kong

She Can Teach These Specialized Courses:

She Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Children, Adolescents, College

Easy and Fun lessons for Kids (3- 10 year old kids)
I love children and have 5 years experience teaching schools in the USA, UK and Singapore. We learn through their favorite songs, nursery rhymes ,stories , cartoons or in a theater way. Each student has a private page on my website to show their great jobs which make be very proud of themselves and be more motivated. We also has a forum for them to learn from each other. 90% kids can learn cheerfully with me ,including very young kids.

For Teenagers
Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me and I'll understand. I would like them to explore this amazing language themselves and then to give a summary, presentation or have a discussion, do a research or write an essay. Most of them enjoy this way very much and are very motivated and our lessons are very engaged. I can teach your kids to learn conversations, reading, writing or prepare for an exam like HSK, SAT, AP.

Effective and Communicative
I'm a time saver and I can give your kid(s) flash cards, audio/video clips/homework to work on before class. This way I can inspire them to talk naturally or create their own songs, stories, games, essays or dramas. I have a few classes online. Join a class then compete with others and try to beat someone who has a better score would be challenging and fun.

Real Chinese Real Life
I am in China and I make it a priority to teach REAL Chinese to your kid(s). I help them explore new vocabulary in real sentences/conversation/cartoon/story so the kid(s) can understand it naturally, just like the native kids.

Qualifications & Experience
* Bachelor's degree, Beijing Language and Cultural University.
* Professional TCSL teacher, 2007-now
* 8 years online experience.
*5 years experience with kids
* online Chinese teacher of Aberdour Primary School, UK , 2013--now
* online Chinese teacher of K1-K12, US public schools, 2011--2014
* over 9000 lessons online.

I love kids, gardening, cooking, history, economics ,psychology and philosophy.

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