Miss Zuo Qun who goes by her English name, Wendy, is a native Mandarin speaker who was born and raised in China. She is an English Major graduate of Guizhou Minzu University in Guiyang, Province of Guizhou, and passed the highest National English exam or TEM8, and possesses a certificate in Teaching.

She studied in the Philippines for one year as an exchange student where she had the opportunity to make use of her skills in teaching the Mandarin language among Filipino students. For three years, while a student in China, she spent part of her time as an English tutor. After her graduation, she was in a one-year voluntary teaching stint in a secondary school in the Philippines. During 2017-2018, she was a Chinese teacher in WV, USA. She taught Chinese to two schools, one elementary school from K-5 and one Middle-High school from Grade 7-10. She is flexible and patient, which made her have abilities to teach all different levels and ages. During her teaching in USA, she went through different kinds of language teaching training and learned methods for teaching Chinese to non-native speakers.

Teaching Chinese as a second language since 2010.

I speak a total of 3 languages:
Chinese (Native), English (Advanced), Tagalog (Basic).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Philippines, Korea, USA, Thailand

I teach Chinese to help you...

Speak with native Chinese speakers wherever you meet them.

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

"No doubt, this is THE way to learn [Mandarin] Chinese." Anton D. - Casino Manager

"What a great idea and service. My takes me all over Asia, but I am based out of Beijing. The problem is that all my coworkers speak English, so between them and my travelling I am not able to learn Chinese. But with my Skype lessons I can have class consistently. You guys rock!" Jenny C. - Aid Worker

"My Chinese teacher is cool. I love my Chinese lessons!" Ryan M. - 4th Grader

"Short of going to an Chinese speaking country and living there Live Lingua is the best method I have found to learn Chinese. Don't waste your time with the software like Rosetta Stone, and start taking live classes with a teacher." Shahana M. - Aid Worker

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