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Top 5 Spanish Programs in Houston

When walking around Houston, does it sometimes feel like everybody is speaking Spanish?
It probably feel that way because it is true.

30% of The Population in Houston Speaks Spanish - Are You Ready to Join Them?

Did you know that 360 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their first language?

In Houston alone, 30% of the population speaks Spanish. In fact, it’s home to the 3rd largest Hispanic population in the US!

The United States Census Bureau states that nearly 1.1 million Hispanics live in Houston.

Take a walk around Houston, and you’re more likely to hear “Hola” than “Hello.” Every Spanish-speaking country, from Europe to Latin America, is represented in this corner of Texas.

Our 1-1 expert Spanish Lessons will get you fluent fast, so you can jump into conversations and celebrate Hispanic culture in this vibrant community.


5 Amazing Spanish Classes in Los Angeles

1) Live Lingua

Live Lingua was founded 2006 and has since given Spanish lessons to tens of thousands of students. Their flagship program is the Unlimited Spanish program which gives the students unlimited 1-on-1 Spanish online lessons following their trademarked Zero to Fluency curriculum.

To make the classes even more immersive they also include 1 year of their Unlimited Group Conversation lessons for free to all who sign up.

For students who wish it, Live Lingua can arrange their ACTFL exam to get their certified so it can be used both as a professional credential but also for college credits.

To top it all off Live Lingua is also the only school on this list that offers a guarantee of results.

For any student who completes their curriculum within the year they guarantee that they will have an Advanced level of spoken Spanish (based on the ACTFL scale) or they will refund the money or work with the student for free until they pass.

For those with lower budgets they also offer pay as you go plans for both their private lessons and group plans

2) Spanish Perfecto

Spanish Perfecto was started by two Spanish teachers, Lucía and Georgina and has now grown to a small but dedicated team in 2015.

They offer a variety of courses from a sequential Spanish package to classes built around special interests. They teach Spanish by integrating games and activities into their curriculum which can be a plus for the right kind of student.

They offer both one on one classes as well as small group classes. One thing that sets them apart is that they have some unique workshops such as Cooking classes and Theater classes.

3) Berlitz Houston

Berlitz Houston is part of one of the largest chains of language schools in the world. They teach a number of languages including Spanish (so they do not specialize in just one).

Their school is located in The Woodlands and has a focus on business and corporate students. They offer classes from Monday to Saturday and can offer both Group and Private lessons.

All Berlitz school follow a time-tested curriculum which tends to be attractive to students who want a more “traditional” learning style in Spanish instead of a newer trend.

4) Be Bilingual

The Be Bilingual language school is one of the oldest Spanish schools in Houston and was started in 1989. They have worked with thousands of Spanish students using their own proprietary conversational teaching method to get people comfortable speaking Spanish.

They offer both private and group Spanish lessons at their facility and also on location at home or in offices based on the need (for an extra cost). In addition to classes to learn Spanish, they also have courses on accent reduction that is very popular for those who already speak but can’t always be understood.

5) Top Language School

A list of the top language schools in Houston would not be complete without the... well Top Language School. The Top Language school is located in Rice Village right off of Route 69.

They run private Spanish classes that start on any date you need and also run 11 week long group lessons that start on specific dates.

They also offer specific corporate and business Spanish classes for those who need their lessons to be more specific. Top Language is right near Rice University so it tends to attract a lot of students who study there.

Which Houston Spanish Classes is right for you?

With the plethora of great Spanish classes available in Houston it can be hard to pick the right one. We have made this quick calculator for you to figure out which one is best based on your goals and budget.

What is your current level of Spanish?
None Advanced
What Spanish level do you want to reach?
None Advanced
How long do you have to reach your goal?
3 Months 24 Months

We recommend to take:

1 hour 1-on-1 classes and 30 minutes conversational classes per week.
School Registration fee Total Costs See Details
Live Lingua None
Spanish Perfecto $50 US
Berlitz Houston $50 US
Be Bilingual $50 US
Top Language School $50 US

What are the benefits of taking Spanish classes?

1. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is estimated that there are over 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide, making it the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese.

Spanish is also the official language of 21 countries, more than any other language.

2. Learning Spanish can help you boost your career opportunities.

Learning Spanish can help you boost your career opportunities by opening up communication with a larger population. Additionally, bilingual employees are often seen as a valuable asset by employers since they can communicate with more people and are able to understand different cultures.

If you want to be able to use Spanish in a professional setting, it’s important to find a course that focuses on grammar and business vocabulary.

Once you have learned some basic Spanish phrases, you can start using them in your professional life. For example, if you are meeting with a client from Mexico, try greeting them in Spanish and asking how their day is going.

3. Learning Spanish can also help you travel more easily in Spanish-speaking countries.

When you take Spanish classes, you not only learn how to speak the language but also about the culture and customs of people from Spanish-speaking countries. In Houston this is a lot of people.

If you travel to Spanish speaking countries since you will be able to communicate with the locals and understand their way of life.

In addition, learning Spanish can also make your travel experiences more enjoyable, as you will be able to converse with other travelers and locals in Spanish.