The corporate advantages are VAST!

Reducing turnover, improving productivity & morale and advancing into global markets are just a few! Live Lingua makes it easy for your employees to become conversationally fluent within 12 months – we GUARANTEE IT!

And it costs far less than you think!

"Live Lingua is a lifesaver! Their flexible scheduling and amazing teachers helped me regain my confidence in speaking Spanish at work. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my proficiency and communication with colleagues and clients in just a few sessions. Their quality teaching and reasonable cost make them a no-brainer for anyone looking to improve their Spanish skills."

Meeghan Paul
— Venture Growth Manager at Rippleworks

Companies that offer personal development, like second language training, open themselves to greater internal and external opportunities. Improved bottom line profit is just one! Companies also get:

Improved Customer Service
Enhanced Global Competitiveness
Better Employee Retention
Increased Productivity
Higher Job Performance
Improved Company Reputation

Improved Customer Service

A second language breaks down barriers with clients, which positively affects your customer service. That means companies can:

  • Drive deeper engagement
  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Prevent misunderstandings
  • Reduce personal biases and prejudices

Enhanced Global Competitiveness

Fluidity when speaking a second language means team members can make better connections to close more deals in new international markets. Mastery in another language can:

  • Open significant partnerships
  • Bridge cultural gaps
  • Provide better strategies for market expansion
  • Help to negotiate more efficiently

Better Employee Retention

Companies that invest in their employees’ development have lower turnover rates. By offering second language training they:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve collaboration with colleagues
  • Enhance communication skills in both languages
  • Facilitate diversity and inclusion in company culture

Increased Productivity

The more productive a team is, the stronger the bottom line. Reducing miscommunication alone has a massive impact on efficiency and profitability. Bilingual people are shown to be:

  • More efficient at processing data
  • Better able to retain, process and update information
  • Quicker at prioritizing effectively
  • Highly effective at building internal and external relationships

Higher Job Performance

People who know more than one language think differently, which can make them more adaptable in changing situations. That is an asset because they:

  • Are able to interact more effectively
  • Comprehend information faster
  • Contribute ideas to the business more often
  • Connect better with people from different backgrounds

Improved Company Reputation

People prefer to work for companies that invest in their employees and care about their personal development and advancement. Offering second language training:

  • Promotes a positive company culture
  • Shows sensitivity to inclusion and diversity
  • Exhibits human-centered business practices
  • Demonstrates supportive leaders and leadership

"Live Lingua's unique approach has helped me improve my language skills in a way that I never thought possible. Because of Live Lingua, I now have a more extensive vocabulary in my target language. Additionally, the notes they provide after each session have been invaluable, not only to reinforce what I've learned but also to provide a tangible way to track my progress. Thanks to Live Lingua's dedication and investment in their students, I feel confident in my ability to communicate effectively in Spanish."

Camille Gallinger
— Vitality Enterprises Inc. (

Our training options improve learning and retention because each person is paired with native-speaking professional educators, who tailor the classes to the student’s specific needs. This is why we offer:

1:1 Training
1:1 Training
This training is perfect for those wanting highly customized lessons with extra personal support.
Small Group Classes
Small Group Classes
Limited to just 6 students, it is the ideal combination of speaking practice and personal interaction.
Specialized Lessons
Specialized Lessons
These Specialized Spanish Lessons are tailored specifically for Business Spanish requirements.

"As a dedicated customer of Live Lingua for many years, I can confidently say their Spanish language course has been a game-changer for me. The personalized approach to language learning and the flexibility to study whenever and wherever has not only improved my Spanish proficiency, but also enhanced my professional opportunities. I highly recommend Live Lingua to any workplace looking to improve their employees’ language skills!"

Karen Canterbury
— Inter-American Development Bank

The corporate advantages of second language training really are VAST! Accelerate company growth, productivity and profitability, with a cost-effective way to advance your team FAST!